Summary: Jesus Christ is our precious passover Lamb of God.

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Exodus 12:1-14

I Corinthians 5:7

Topic: Jesus Christ, Our Passover Lamb

On the eve of Israel’s exodus or deliverance out of the Egyptian slavery, God gave Moses some important instructions to tell the children of Israel to follow. The instructions that God have Moses to tell the children of Israel to follow had t do with a memorial feast that the children of Israel were to celebrate for generations to come. The memorial feast was called the Passover.

In this Passover memorial feast, on the 10th day of the first month of the year, every Jewish household were tot get a one year old lamb without blemish out from their flock of sheep. If the Jewish household was a small one, some other Jewish family had to share their lamb with that particular small Jewish family.

Now, on the 14TH day of the same first month, every Jewish household were to kill their one year old lamb. And then they were to take some of the lamb’s blood and strike it on the tow side doorpost, and on the upper side door post of their house. And they were to roast and eat the one year old lamb with unleavened bread, and with bitter herbs. No roasted lamb could be saved for left-overs from the previous night; it all had to be burned with fire the very next day.

Now, God had commanded the children of Israel to eat unleavened bread for 7 days from the 14th day to the 21st day of the first month. No leavened bread, that is, no bread with yeast in it, was to be found among them during these seven days because if there was any leavened bread found among them, God was going to cut that person or that family off from the nation of Israel. Now, it must be understood that the word “leavened”, in the New Testament termilogy, it means “sin”. You see, God wanted the children of Israel to be consecrated unto him, and to be cleansed from sin for 7 days when celebrating the Passover feast.

Now, notice that each Jewish family had to put the lamb’s blood on the 2 sides door posts, and the upper doorposts of their houses. The reason why God commanded the Israelites to put the lamb’s blood on their door posts because that very same night when the Israelites were going to be celebrating their first Passover feast, God was going to send a death angel into Egypt, and that death angel was going to kill every Egyptian first born son, including Pharoah’s first born son, which would cause him to free the children of Israel from slavery and to beg them to leave Egypt at once.

And because the death angel would see the blood on the Israelites doorposts of their houses, the death angel would passover their house, and every Israelites household would be saved from death because of the blood that was put on their doorposts of their houses.

And this Passover memorial feast was to be celebrated every year among the Israelites. And when the Jewish children would ask their Jewish parents about why they celebrated the Passover feast, the Jewish parents were to say, “because on the night before we left Egypt, a death angel passed over us, and saved us alive.”

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