Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Finding our Lord in the Bible.


In Matthew he is the Messiah Matt.9-15 Son of David, King of Jews, and Bridegroom

In Mark he is the miracle worker Mark 10-45 Holy one of God, Servant

In Luke the son of man Luke 2-25 The horn of Salvation

In John the son of God John 1:14, 18 Lamb of God, light of the world, Good Shepherd

In Acts the ascended Lord Acts 3:15 prince of life, Judge of all living and dead, hope Israel

In Romans the Justifier Romans 14:9 deliverer, Lord of dead & living, rock of offense, root of Jesse

In 1&2 Corinthians The last Adam 1Cor.15:45 Last Adam, First fruits 1Cor.15:23.

In Galatians the one who sets us free Gal 1:3 the Lord Jesus Christ

In Ephesians the Christ of riches Head over all Eph.1:22 the cornerstoneEph2:20

In Philippians God who meets all needs Phil.2: name above all others

Colossians Fullness of the God head In the image of God.Col 1:15 Head of the body first born from the dead Col1:18 Hope of Glory Col:1:27

1St & 2Nd Thessalonians The soon coming King 2nd Thess3: 16 the Lord of peace

1st &2nd Timothy Mediator between God & man. 1st Tim.2:5 King of ages 1st Tim: 1:17

Titus the blessed hope Titus 2:3 The great God & Saviour Titus2:13

Philemon Friend closer than a brother. Phil .3 the Lord Jesus Christ.

Hebrews The blood that washes away all sin. Hair of all things Heb.1:2 High Priest Heb.2:7 Author a & finisher of our faith.

James Great Physician The Lord of glory James 2:1 Judge at the door James 5:9

1st &2nd Peter The chief Shepherd The living stone 1st Pet.2:4 Chief Shepherd 1st Pet.5:4

1st & 2nd & 3th John Everlasting Love Eternal life 1st Jon.1:2 Righteous 1st Jon. 2:1

Jude the God our savior Jude 25 only wise god our savior

Revelation King of Kings & Lord Of Lords Rev.19:16 Alpha & omega first & last Rev. 1:17 Lion of the tribe of Judah Rev.5:5 Word of God Rev. 19:13 Bright & morning star Rev.22:16

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