Summary: Jesus Christ could not look the other way at the abuses being perpetrated in the House of God.


Jesus Christ could not look the other way at the abuses pepetrated in the House of God. His passionate response to human greed caused an uproar among the abusers.

I. What’s The Big Deal? vs.13-17

The court was so full of merchants that foreigners found it difficult to worship. Remember that "WORSHIP" not commercialism was the main purpose for visiting the temple! Any wonder why Jesus was so angry?

The money changers made a profit equal to a days wage just by exchanging foreign currency to the local currency. The price of sacrificial animals was higher in the temple area than elsewhere. Here we see a glaring social injustice aggravated by the fact that it was being perpetrated in the name of religion.

Worship without reverance can be a terrible thing!!

II. Jesus Would Not Entrust Himself To Men vs.23-25

Jesus knew all about human nature.

Jeremiah 17:9 - He clearly knew of the fickleness of men and the instability of their hearts. He knew that the faith of some of his followers was superficial and some would later yell out, "Crucify Him!"

He did not "commit" or "entrust" himself to them.

The words "he knew" mean, "to understand completely, to know intuitively."

Jesus knew that a man can be swept away in a moment of emotion and then back out when he realizes the cost of his decision. He did not desire a cheering crowd, but a committed group of true followers who knew what and in whom they believed in and were prepared to follow him to the very end (even at the cost of their own lives).

Life Application:

How do you and I approach God?

Be very careful of the applause of men, rather seek the quiet approval of God!

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