Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: The spring is coming, and we will be apt to let our work for the Lord cease, due to the fact we have better weather outside.

Jesus Cure for Spring Fever

Mark 1:30-31

In a few days you are going to experience a time of change in our world, with the change of seasons. People are going to begin coming out of their shell and be alive. They will be found on lakes everywhere hoping to catch “the big one”. Lawn mowers and weed eaters begin to fire up. Flowers begin to bloom. Folks change their attire. Turkeys are beginning to goble. People will gather into ball fields to watch their favorite player hit the winning home run. Yes it is the time we call spring.

For some time now we have been in the winter, where the weather is cold and dreary. We fret each time we watch the news, for they always forecast sleet, snow, etc. You are afraid to go outside, for the air is so cold. And our lives have just about come to a halt until the weather breaks. Even Paul told Timothy he hoped he could make it before the winter, and Jesus said about the tribulation, pray that your flight be not in the winter.

But, even as there are physical seasons, we spiritual face seasons as well. There are times when the sun beams upon our souls, almost causing us to die of spiritual thirst. Then there are moments when we feel the change of spiritual autumn when we feel the winds of life begin to blow, and our fruit start to fade. But, the time we dread the most is the winter. For, we know if we spiritually get into a winter, we won’t be doing anything. Some folks have been in a spiritual winter a long time.

**BUT, sometimes God wants us to go through the winter in order to appreciate the spring!!**

We have often heard the term, spring fever. It is when the weather begins to warm up, and we begin to loosen up a little bit. And as good as that can be, there is also a demonic force that lurks along side with this “fever” that causes folks to drift from their relationship with God. In the winter, we had nothing else to do, but set inside and read the Bible or pray, or go into a warm sanctuary for church. But, now that things are changing, there is the tendency to drift from that and get caught up in other stuff. But, remember there is nothing more important than our relationship with God, and no activity, etc. should ever take precedence over that!!


(1)The people took Jesus home with them from church

Jesus & the disciples had just came back from a Holy Ghost meeting where demons were cast out. And instead of sending Jesus away, Peter invited him home with them.

**How many times have we been blessed in service, but left God at church?

-he can change your home life, and every area of it.

You can’t justify getting blessed by God in a mighty way, only to set at home and barbeque Sunday night!

(2)The Lady received the touch of God

It is a sad fact that we don’t realize how victimized we become until it is too late. While we could have saved our self some heart ache, we had to wait until Pastor preaches about us, convicting our hearts. It’s a fever, and the only cure is Jesus!!

**we need to fall in love with him all over again!

-NOTICE: Bible says, Jesus lifted her up. We need to be elevated to a new level!

**that place we have been in for a while is obviously not enough to keep

us going.

(3)She got involved in ministry

After receiving the touch of God, she got involved.

**How many folks have been touched by the power of God, only to set back and not do anything for Him in return?

-Let’s make Satan’s curse backfire. Instead of lessening in our work for God in the spring, let’s do more!




Here is where we stand. God wants everything we have, yet we have the tendency to slack. Almost guaranteed, in the next few months, many will say “I don’t have time…” over and over concerning the things/work of God. But, that is just what Satan wants. But, let’s quit pleasing the devil, and commit to do more for Jesus this spring than we have ever done in our lives!

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