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Summary: Welcome to VP…it’s hard to believe that we are already in our third week of our Re-Discover Church “Open House” Month. I hope and pray that you have used this opportunity to share with your families, friends and neighbors the exciting things that have be

Video The Jesus Rant

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Welcome to VP…it’s hard to believe that we are already in our third week of our Re-Discover Church “Open House” Month.

I hope and pray that you have used this opportunity to share with your families, friends and neighbors the exciting things that have been happening in your life…and around the church.

If you’re the one here this morning because a friend thought enough of you to invite you…or if you’re here because you just felt the need to come.

We are excited that you have decided to worship God with us today…

Welcome Card


Here’s the great news…because you entered in thru those doors…you …just like every other person here…have the opportunity to walk out of this building a changed person.

Jesus is all about change…From the time He was boy until He was an adult… He challenged people with a radical way of thinking and changed their lives.

How many of you here today believe that He is still in the business of changing people’s lives…amen…me too!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited that you’re here today…you have defiantly made the right decision by getting out of bed this morning…

It is so exciting to be involved with this church…a church that is growing weekly because…Christ is entering people’s lives...

In the past six weeks…Because of God’s concern for the lost…5 people’s destinies/futures have been permanently changed forever.

These people have realized the importance of asking Jesus into their changing them…transforming them to His way of thinking.

As I was driving home from the church last Sunday morning...I felt the overwhelming presence of joy. (Kinda unexplainable)

I guess you could say that I had my own kinda…Jesus Rant (the video)

I was excited…not just because of what Jesus has been doing in people…but I was just as excited thinking of ways that we can continue to share Him…with more people.

I mean…isn’t that what life’s all about…sharing Jesus with people?

After I began to calm down from this Jesus buzz…

I began to wonder… if this is what Jesus felt like when He helped people with their problems?

Because of Jesus…People with little hope…now believe that mountains can still be moved.

Because of Jesus…People who were carrying around heavy burdens (just in the last 6 weeks) have turned them over to Jesus and He is helping them carry the load.

Because of Jesus…Heaven is a few people larger.

He’s worth it isn’t He???????

We read throughout the bible that…People walked for miles hoping to just get the opportunity to see Him pass close by…or possibly…just possibly get a chance to meet and touch Him personally.(Life Changing)

Why?...What was it that drew people towards Him? What was so special about Him…about His touch?

Still today...Thousands of years after His death…people are still drawn to Him…why is that?

It’s simple really…

People Need Jesus. (You need Jesus)

Slide # 2 Why Is Jesus Important?

Slide # 3 We all Face Storms in Life

The world that we live in today is slowly falling apart…and if people like you and I don’t continue to seek out Jesus…very soon I believe that it will cease to exist at all.

Jesus has the power to calm any storm in your life.


Every time I read or hear the Bible being read…I pay attention to what’s being said…because I know that it was meant for me to see it or hear it.

Why is this story so important to us this morning?

There is not one person here today…that isn’t dealing with some kind of storm in your life.

Your storm could be the call from your doctor…you never wanted to receive.

Your storm could have to deal with an un-appreciating boss...who doesn’t care that you never get to spend time with your family.

Your storm could be you’re the only one in your household that understands the importance of having Jesus in your life.

Your storm could be financial troubles…dealing with drug addiction.

Or your storm could be with Jesus Himself.

You’re the person here today who’s still trying to figure out if what I’m saying this morning is true…is He real…and if He is…can he help me?

Let me encourage you this morning by sharing with this with you.

The same Jesus that stood up in the boat that day…And commanded the wind and the waves (storms) to be still.

Is the same Jesus that has the power/the ability to make your waves stop…but here’s the catch…you have to be willing to meet Jesus in the middle.

Everything that has been written in the Bible is truth…

Jesus does love you…He wants to help you…but He needs to see that you are as committed to Him as He is to you.

Ever since I’ve been a pastor... This word commitment is one of the toughest challenges I have ever faced.

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