Summary: In Jesus, there is the gospel of the second chance.


As Jesus was about to teach a crowd of people, he was approached by the religious leaders of his day. They were very angry with the success of his ministry. The attention was leaving them and they were used to keeping people under many rules. They were frustrated about their inability to get rid of him and were now looking for an opportunity to discredit Jesus among the people. They used this opportunity as an attempt to embarrass Jesus before the people and humiliate the woman by bringing her out in the middle of the crowd These religious leaders had already disregarded the Law by not bringing the man out into thr open along with the woman. (Deut. 22:22) This was clearly a set up designed to discredit Jesus publically.

I. Jesus Shifted Their Attention

v.9 The words of Jesus had the affect of shifting attention from himself and the woman to the accusers. After hearing Jesus, they left one by one. They were convicted from within and they could no longer center in on the woman’s sin by being now keenly aware of their own sin. What was left now for them to do but to respond by leaving having realized that Jesus had spoken to the core of their own sinful hearts.

Only two people were left at this scene. The sinner and Jesus, the friend of sinners. Jesus could have cast a stone (being sinless himself), but he was more concerned with this woman being cleansed from her sin than seeing the meticulous satisfaction of the Law.

II. Jesus Gave Her A Second Chance

Jesus did not condone her sin, but he did tell her to leave her life of sin. (v.11) This same Jesus is here today ready to forgive and restore any who might come to him. The only way to a change of heart is through confession and repantance.

In Jesus, is found the gospel of the "second chance." Jesus is not only interested in a person’s past, but the present focus of his attention is in what a person could become by his power. Everyone has a future as well as a past. What we make of our future, if given over to God, will become a wonderful adventure as God guides our journey. Jesus challanged the woman to change. With his help, any sinner can become a saint.

Life Application:

The story is an unfinished story, as life is not complete until we stand before God. If that life is given over to God, it will be forever changed.

What are we doing with the "second chances" he has given us?

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