Summary: exposition on Matt ch 9


Matthew 9 v. 1 - 17

Notice :-

1 The Compassion He showed v. 1 - 8 we see:-

(a) The man’s condition v. 2" he was sick of the palsy" or paralysed

(b) The helpers conviction v. 2 "Jesus seeing their faith" i.e.These friends had :-

a living faith, an active faith, v. 2 "they brought", a persistant faith (over discouragement),and a rewarded faith

(c) Their consolation v. 2 "son" -here was adoption, be of good cheer - assurance, thy sins be forgiven thee, acquittal, v. 6 "but that they may know - authority, v. 7 he arose and departed and affirmation

(d) The people’s conclusion v. 8 "They marvelled & glorified God. Because of His:-

(1) ability (God)

(2) and authority (mediator)

2 The Call He shared v. 9 "follow Me" - The Lord’s call was:-

(a) A passing call "passed forth"

(b) A personal call "Matthew"

(c) A public call "sitting"

(d) A precise call "follow Me". Note:-

The cost of following - leaving his job, the constraint of following leaving self - "follow Me",and the condition of following - obedience.

(e) A productive call - v. 9 "He arose and followed Him"

God’s call is not always so productive, eg. the rich young ruler

(f) A precious call - Matthew was a publican - despised by the Pharisees, yet loved by the Lord.

3 The company He sought v. 11 " why eateth your master with publicans and sinners?"

The Pharisees had a problem with:-

(1) His company "sinners"

(2) His conduct "why eateth"?

(3) His commission " your Master." seeking sinners not Jews only.

Why was He here? He tells us in v. 13 "I am not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance".

(1) Negatively "I am not come to call the righteous." - the proud, the self-righteous, the unrepentant, Why? v. 12 they’re content as they are - " they need not a physician."

(2) Positively "but sinners to repentance" Note:-

(A) Who He wants? "sinners"

(B) Where He wants them? "to repentance" - change ones heart and mind

(C) Why He wants them there? "except they repent they shall perish" Luke 13 v3& 5

4 The conversion He wrought v.17 new bottles are for new wine,

not reformation but regeneration needed. 2 Corinthians 5 v. 17 "if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature."

He has :-

(1) A new heart

(2) A new Spirit (holy)

(3) new light

(4) New affections

(5) New desires

(6) New delights

(7) New joys

(8) New eyes to see

(9) New ears to hear

(10) New feet to walk in God’s way

(11) New hands to do God’s work.

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