Summary: An introduction to the 4 Gospels and their presentations of Christ

Jesus from Four Angles

(intro to the Gospels)

Main Thought: The 4 Gospels were written by 4 different men with 4 different slants. Each of the 4 emphasize an aspect of Jesus personality, the well-rounded God-man, the Savior of all mankind.

Let’s look at these 4 aspects of Jesus personality.

I. Matthew Presents Jesus As the True Messiah: A Thinker Who Valued Truth and Integrity

1. Levi (Matt.9:9 with Mark 2:14)

2. Gospel directed toward the Jews.

3. Emphasis: Jesus accurately fulfilled OT (Old Testament) prophecy as the Messiah and therefore He IS the Messiah; it is CORRECT to believe that Jesus is the Christ.

4. Christ is presented as having a well thought-out plan

(1) Matt. 20:28—Why He came

(2) Matt. 10:5-6—Initial offer of Kingdom to Israel only

(3) Matt. 16:18—I will build my Church

Application: What is your purpose in life? What goals do you have? Do you have direction? Have you sought God’s leading? Do you love truth? Are you a man or woman of integrity?

II. Mark: Jesus Is the Messiah InAction ; He is An Achiever Whose Works Prove He is the Messiah

1. John Mark—not an Apostle but a young disciple (Mark 14:51-52); gained much info from Peter.

2. The word sometimes translated, “immediately” is used 42 times

3. Gospel directed toward the Romans.

4. Christ proved Himself as the Messiah by doing the works that only the Messiah could do.

5. Christ: on the move (Mark 1:38)

Application: Are you a doer of the Word, or just a hearer? Are you actively involved in ministry? Are you known for good works?

III. Luke: Jesus is the Messiah As Demonstrated By His Divine Relationship To Others; He Was A Man of the People, A Relater.

1. Luke, probably a gentile (or a gentile convert to Judaism)-- (Col.4:14)

---A physician by trade (a disciple, but not an Apostle); friend to Paul

2. He was the modern equivalent of a journalist (Luke 1:1-4)

3. Gospel directed toward the Greeks.

4. Christ was NOT an isolated mystic, but with the people…

4. Luke 19:10

Application: Are you involved with people? Do you even like them? Are you a homebody, or do you know your neighbors? Are you involved in church? In the community? Or do the TV actors live life for you? You can’t love your neighbor if you avoid your neighbor.

IV. John: Jesus is the Messiah Because He is Clearly God in the Flesh, A Messiah Who Loves; He is A Divine Feeler.

1. John, the youngest of the Apostles (John 21:20)

2. Gospel directed toward the Church, specifically to fight heresy.

3. Key verse: John 20:28

4. Christ was fully human, but His divine love proves His deity. He is both God and man.

Application: Is Jesus your Savior? Have you personally received Him? He is both God and Man, but He wants you to be part of His flock, His family. Have you been born again?

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