Summary: Can I call the above incident divine encounter? As I was reading this portion of the Bible, I got transfixed! I fondly remembered my encounter with Jesus!

Jesus getting into your boat….

Luke 5:3”He got into one of the boats, the one belonging to Simon, and asked him to put out a little from shore. Then he sat down and taught the people from the boat.”

Can I call the above incident divine encounter? As I was reading this portion of the Bible, I got transfixed! I fondly remembered my encounter with Jesus! So much has happened in my life since then that it seems wonderfully surreal! I resigned my job with a multinational bank not to preach in an air-conditioned auditorium, but for several years I have been working among the poor, downtrodden and I have been preaching in remote villages where you don’t even have a tea shop. Once since it was raining they were not able to erect a platform, so they brought a bullock-cart and asked me climb the bullock cart. The ground was wet, the village roads were moist, dirty, sticky and the situation looked grim; who would come in this rain? The organizers were firm in putting me on top of the platform, I did eventually climb the bullock-cart, let me tell you the risk here; because of the wheels and my movement, it would move and I might miss my balance; however, I preached from that ‘classy platform’ that day. Click BULLOCK-CART PLATFORM to view this snap that was taken years back.

Friend, Jesus does not get into your ‘life boat’ without a purpose, are you listening? Just look at the above scripture, Jesus was on His regular business of delivering the Gospel; however, that particular day His catch was aimed at PETER! Though Jesus casually stepped into the boat of Simon, it was done with a higher purpose of stepping into His heart. I’m excited! Jesus astutely orchestrates events in our life and His timing is impeccably perfect! Just when Peter was in his lowest ebb in his life with no catch of fish even after a whole-night toil, I guess he was frustrated, worn-out and tired. It was now Jesus walked into his life and also Peter gets an opportunity to hear the message of Jesus closely. Listen! You can’t refuse Him! You cannot close your ears now! You cannot say, ‘this is Pentecostal and run’; you are so beaten-up and given-up that you would want anything to wash away the pain. A-N-Y-B-O-D-Y listening? I am speaking with you! God has roped you into this ‘devotional mailer’ that gets dropped into your inbox everyday, so that you get to hear His voice clearly, closely, precisely and directly!

After this glorious encounter, there is no old life! Every ‘dirt’ has to take a walk! Jesus now starts instructing Peter, He says, “Peter, put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch.” Simon answered, “Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets.” Boy, you got to bow! No escape! I just feel like jumping! Who can refute this love? Who can dare face those Eyes that penetrate right into your heart? Peter’s obedience brings him not only abundance but changes the course of his life, Peter drops the fishing net, the abundant catch of fish and walks behind the Master! Glory to you Lord! That’s what happens! With His impromptu visits, He captures your heart and sweeps you away from the floor! He swoops to conquer!

Let me give you some awesome testimonies of people who have been ‘transformed’ through my daily devotions:

• Sister, I have been friendly with a hindu boy for 6 years, I used to feel guilty everyday while I read your devotions, but this year, I walked out of this relationship.

• Sister, I was filled with bitterness and stayed away from my in-laws and my brother had not spoken to me for three years. After reading your devotions, I decided to let my bitterness go, when I did that, God did a miracle in my life, my brother called me and spoke to me after three years.

• Sister, I do not use pirated software anymore, I have completely stopped using them.

• Sister, I was convinced to take immersion water baptism through your devotions, I have now obeyed the Lord by take water baptism.

If you have an outstanding testimony, send them to me.

God bless you!

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