Summary: When God has truly touch your life, do not let anyone rob you of your joy.


God’s purposes for us often go much deeper than what we may see for the moment. Suffering can be used as a God-given opportunity to demonstrate the glory of God in our lives. In the case of the blind man, God’s purpose was for his work to be "displayed" in this man’s life. In this story we notice four different reactions to Jesus. (John 9:1-7)

I. The Neighbors Revealed Surprise and Skepticism

vs.8-12 They responded when asked if he was the man healed, "No, he only looks like him."

Sometimes people chose to not see what is clearly apparent! However, do not let their choice ROB YOU of your blessing!

II. The Pharisees Showed Disbelief

vs.13-17 If any man’s Christian witness separates him from his fellow-men, it brings him closer to Jesus Christ. When a person is cast out from others because of the fidelity to Christ, that person will be drawn closer to Christ than they had been previously. Jesus is always true to the one who is true to him! This man’s new faith was severely tested.

III. The Parents Believed but were Quiet Out of Fear of Excommunication

v.18-23 Their son was cursed and evicted from the synagogue.

When you follow Christ, persecution may come, BUT NO ONE can take away the eternal life that Jesus Christ has given to you.

Only the one who realizes their own weakness can become strong. Only the one who acknowledges his own blindness can be made to see. Only the person who recognizes their own sin can be forgiven. Only God can perform such life changing miracles!

IV. The Healed Man Demonstrated A Growing Faith

vs. 24-41 To "know" means "to be sure, to understand, to be aware of, to behold." This is clearly a word for certainty. The longer this man experienced his new life through Jesus Christ, the more confident he became in the One who had healed him. He gained not only physical sight, but spiritual sight as well!

This man had a "growing faith."

Watch his progression:

In verse 17 he said, "he is a prophet."

The he progressed to saying, "Lord, I believe (verse 38), and he worshipped Jesus.

Life Application:

The more you know Jesus Christ, the greater he becomes to you. The greater he becomes to you, the greater you are taken up with him. You will grow in wonder of how great he is both now and for all od eternity.

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