Summary: Mary hosting Jesus

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Filoxenia = Greek word for Friend of the foreigner. She loved a stranger in her home.

Maria Jesus’ mother. She opened her heart to God and her house for His son.

I. The Birth of Jesus (Mt 1:18-25)

A. Maria was not married

B. She was a young woman

C. She was pregnant without a man

D. Why God choose her?

E. God choose her a good man and the best son

F. She was a fulfilment of the prophecies

II. His First Steps off Her House (Lk 2:39-52)

A. From her house to God’s house

B. From Mon’s stories to the conversation with the God’s men

C. From His family to His new family

D. Jesus words are amazing

E. Why are you looking for me? Are you looking for Jesus?

F. Do you understand Jesus words? Even you don’t understand Jesus words, keep it in your heart. One day you’ll understand

III. He Never More Came back To her House (Lk 3:23)

A. Will you be ready on your 30’s?

B. How were you when you’re on the 30’s?

C. Could you change the world in 3 years?

D. After Jesus went away, He never come back to Mary’s house


A. Have you born into Christ’s House?

B. Adversity can be God’s plan to world’s salvation. Ask Jesus parents.

C. Would you ready to leave your house to do God’s will?

D. Maybe you don’t understand everything, wait on God

E. How old are you? Are you ready to do God’s work? Ready to change the world?

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