Summary: Uncover the shadows of Bethlehem in the Old Testament, New Testament and today.

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INTRO: 1. ILL. Pastor once made an eye-opening discovery when visiting a nursing home and asked the residence there to recount their most memorable Christmas – they all remembered Christmas experiences from their childhood.

a. Why can’t adults who understand the most about Christmas enjoy it like a child?

b. What would it take to make this Christmas our most memorable?

2. What can children teach us about Christmas?

a. They know how to stop and see. To make memories.

b. They believe the unbelievable. (What are you believing for this Christmas?)

c. The magic of Christmas for them is a wide-eyed faith in the miraculous.

3. The shepherds and the wise men shared the same wide-eyed faith that we see in children.

a. Saw this time in their lives as a miraculous time.

b. Willing to believe the unbelievable.

c. Willing to get involved in what God was doing.

(God doesn’t take a Christmas break, so many opportunities to see a miracle)

4. But their greatest key is when they determined in their hearts to find Jesus in the shadows of Bethlehem.

a. Jesus will not intrude on our Christmas, but chooses to remain in the shadows of Bethlehem, revealing Himself only to the wide-eyed seeker.

b. ILL. My brother-in-laws dad passed away just before Thanksgiving, talking with my sister we thought how wonderful it must be to spend his first Christmas in heaven, to hear the accounts from the lips of those who where there, to embrace the Jesus we sing about. I felt envious. But then realized, we can all spend Christmas with Jesus.

5. Micah let us know that our search for Jesus doesn’t start with the Christmas story but much earlier in the book.


a. Micah proved to us that Bethlehem wasn’t a happenstance location, but always stood as the place that Christ would be born. (the same passage scribes used to inform the wise men)

b. Micah lets us know that we can find the Christmas story in the O.T. as well as New.

c. Throughout the Old Testament Bethlehem cast shadows on what was to come.

d. ILL. Pastor told of a house years ago in his neighborhood that kept their Christmas lights burning long after the season was past. They burned through January. Even through the first of February those outside lights burned every night. Finally, about the middle of February he became a bit critical and said, "If I were too lazy to take my Christmas lights down, I think I’d at least turn them off at night."But about the middle of March there was a sign outside of their house that explained why they’d left the lights on. It said simply, "Welcome home, Jimmy." We learned that their family had a son in Vietnam, and they had unashamedly left their Christmas lights on in anticipation of his return. It wasn’t Christmas until Jimmy came home.

e. O.T. anticipated the Messiah, but knew it wasn’t Christmas until Christ appeared.


1. Before Bethlehem was a town, Jesus cast a shadow over it.

2. In Genesis 35, the bible tells of an event that happened in the proximity of Bethlehem.

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