Summary: This is the 6th sermon in the series "When Jesus Comes To Your Town". This series is based on the "Passion Week".

Series: When Jesus Comes To Your Town [#6]


Mark 14:54


A couple of years ago on Thanksgiving Day my family was together for lunch at mom and dad’s house. As we were eating, we began to talk about things we had done as kids.

Now I know that James says we are to confess our sins to one another; but my brother started confessing things to dad that I wasn’t sure about. So, as my brother Tharon confessed, I sat at a distance from dad to see what would happen.

As my brother told dad about the time he shot me in the head with BB gun on purpose instead of the accidental shooting we had convinced dad of, I saw my dad get up and spank my 28 year old brother.

See I wasn’t willing to get too close because of fear of what would happen. I wasn’t willing to take a risk and do the right thing. My brother made a comment that I still remember. He said, “You know it feels good to get that 20 year old sin confessed”. I missed out on that because I was at a distance.

Mark 14:53-54

Who Distances Themselves From Jesus?

What type of people can distance themselves from Jesus? Any of us! “Take heed, lest ye fall”. Don’t think this couldn’t have been you.

We find here a couple of things that would indicate a person who has distanced themselves from Jesus.

1. The overconfident and self-sufficient.

2. The guilty.

3. The afraid.

Why Do We Distance Ourselves From Jesus?

Where did Peter go once he got in the courtyard? He went and sat down in front of the fire and made himself comfortable.

1. We distance ourselves because we want to be comfortable. When we are confronted by Jesus, we cannot sit comfortably in our evil ways. Why do you think people like “sweet sermons”? Why do you think people don’t want to be told when they are doing wrong?

2. We distance ourselves because it is safer to be a spectator. It is easier to sit back and see what happens. If you don’t like this show, then you go to another show. If “such & such” church looks better from the pew then I’m going there.

3. Look at verses 66-68. After Peter was confronted with his identity and he denied it, what did he do? He went into the entryway. See, once he was convicted of his sin, he went farther away from Jesus. May be there is something in your life that the Holy Spirit has convicted you of and you just went farther away.

What Is The Result Of Distancing Ourselves?

1. We confuse those around us. These people thought Peter was a follower of Jesus; but Peter denied it. So which was it? When people see us walk out of church today they think we are here because we are Christians; but tomorrow at work, when our lives deny Christ, we confuse them.

2. Look at verse 71. Another result is we stop talking and acting like Christ and start acting and talking like the devil.

3. A third result is found in verse 72. We remember what Jesus’ Word has told us and we break down and weep.


Christians, when we are distanced from Jesus the solution is found in what Peter finally did: BREAK DOWN AND WEEP.

Our sin is hurting our relationship with Jesus. If you want personal renewal and revival in your life you need to be broken before God.

James 4:7-10

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