Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series


Outline or Comments:

A Everyone is welcome!

1 Gentiles are welcome(ch.55:5)

2 Sinners are welcome (55:7)

3 Any who desires Christ is welcome (Rev.22:17)

B Jesus is Greateraid than the world.

1 If you drink the water of the world you will thirst again.

(John 4:13)

2 Jesus gives living water (John 4:14)

3 Thirst no more (Rev.7:16) (Isaiah 55:2)

C Repent while you still can.

1 The Kingdom of Heaven is near (Matt.3:2,10:7)

2 Repentance is necessary!!!!! (Isaiah 55:7,Matt.3:2 Luke 13:3

3 Do it while there is still time!!! (Isaiah 55:6 James 4:14

1Thessalonians 5:2-3)

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