Summary: When Jesus is in the house, anything can happen. If you have a need move the obstacles out of the way and get to where Jesus is.

In this Bible account from Mark chapter two it says that word began to spread around that Jesus was in a particular house. In fact so many people heard about Jesus that the house was full and no one else could get in. On that day Jesus was preaching the Word of God.

® No doubt he was preaching a message of hope and life.

® No doubt he was preaching to meet the needs of the people present.

® No doubt he was through the word trying to mend broken hearts.

® No doubt he was reaching, with the Word of God, for those who were downtrodden.

But the house was full because word had spread that Jesus was in the house.

® There were people packed around the windows.

® There were people pressed in around the doors.

® There were people that filled the yard around the house.

And they were all listening to the preaching of the word. They were all straining to hear a word of hope and encouragement. But because of the crowd not one more person could get into that house. Not one more person could touch Jesus.

Along came a man that was sick. The Bible says that he was sick of the palsy. That means he was paralyzed to some degree. It could be that he was totally paralyzed or perhaps it was not to that extent. However sick he was the Bible says that it took four men to carry him on his bed. He was unable to get to where he needed to go on his own. He needed help and he needed to see Jesus. He needed to get to where Jesus was. They had heard that Jesus was in that house but they could not get into the house. They knew if they could just get him to Jesus, that Jesus would do something for him.

Let me preach to you this morning and tell you that:

® If you can just get to Jesus, he can and he will work a miracle in your life.

® If you will just do your best to get to Jesus he can meet your need today.

® If you will just reach out to him today he can put the broken pieces of your life back together again.

® If you will just press in, to his presence he will heal your body of whatever sickness you have.

® If you will just seek his face today he will forgive you of any sin that is in your life.

How can I make such a bold statement today? I can make it because Jesus is in the house! Jesus is in this house! But YOU must get to where Jesus is today. You must get into his presence.

Jesus is in the house! Jesus is in the house!

In this Bible account we find these men full of faith and trying to get this sick man to Jesus. But the house was full. Around every window there were people. Packed around the door there were people. There was no way in.

® There was an obstacle in the way.

® There was an obstacle between a sick man and his healing.

® There was an obstacle that separated the man in need from a miracle.

® There was an obstacle that was in between a needy man and Jesus.

Jesus was in the house but the man was on the outside and unable to look in on what Jesus was doing.

® I wonder if we sometimes let an obstacle get in the way from our entering into the presence of Jesus Christ.

® I wonder if we sometimes allow a problem to get in our way from getting to where Jesus is.

® I wonder if we sometimes allow an obstruction to stand between us and a miracle.

® I wonder if we sometimes allow a hindrance to block our way from getting right with God.

Let’s talk about obstacles for a moment. Let’s talk about things that we allow to keep us from God. What are the things that cause us to stop short of getting to where Jesus? Perhaps we journey a certain distance but we don’t come all the way to where he is. What causes us to stop short?

® It could be that it is just inconvenient. It is just a little difficult fitting church into my lifestyle at this time.

® Perhaps it is just out of the way for you. I want to get to Jesus but it is too far out of the way.

® I’m just too tired tonight to make it out to church.

® Maybe you feel it is not the right time for you. If church was at a different time I could make it. If they didn’t have church so often maybe I could make it. But it is just not the right time for me.

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