Summary: The Passion of the Christ has caused viewers to ask pertinent questions about the man Jesus Christ. This sermon addresses on of those questions.

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Fact or Fiction - Jesus is the Only Way to Heaven?

John 10: 7-18

There are myths that need to be addressed

-myth 1 "Basically, all religions are the same."

-myth 2 "Every religion has equal claim to truth."

-myth 3 "Christians are narrow-minded."

There is a Man that needs to acknowledged

-He promises eternal life (John 3:16)

-He promises abundant life (John 10:10)

-He promises His life (John 10:11)

There is a message that needs to be announced

-If we are silent, our Enemy succeeds

-If we are silent, our neighbors suffer

-If we are silent, our Savior died in vain

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