Summary: Jesus is the Way and the Truth and the Life, but what does that really mean? The Greek has a few hidden truths to consider. We are to follow Jesus, but what is The Way ?

I. The way is true and living

A. The Greek Hendiatris expression

1. Expressions are useful in all languages (i.e. English baker’s dozen)

2. Living and True are used to explain what the way is

3. The way is a journey of purpose

B. Jesus is the true way

1. All other ways are false

2. Old Testament prophecies attest to the true nature of the Christ

3. The plan of salvation

C. Jesus is the living way

1. All should be working towards the way and living out his ideals

2. The church is a part of the living way

3. The living way involves taking care of people

a) Feed the hungry

b) Heal the sick

c) Visit those in prison

d) Shelter the homeless

e) Share with those who have needs

II. We can only come to the Father by knowing the Son

A. Jesus is only mediator for us

1. Mormons, Bhai Faith, Bhudha are not true followers of the way

2. We know the father through the Son

3. The Father and Son are of one purpose

B. We know the Father through following the Son

1. The Father and the Son are of one purpose

2. The Father and the Son can not be separated

III. We will share in paradise by following Jesus

A. Jesus is the way to heaven

1. He led his l

B. We can following him and live in heaven also

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