Summary: This is a list of reasons why Jesus is cool aimed to inspire people to start following him and to be unashamed in that; because he’s much cooler than you’ll ever be.

Jesus is way cool!

As I was growing up I was taught about Jesus and was told that he was holy, perfect, pure, gentle, loving, NICE, etc..

But then one day I got revelation of God from a band called King Missile with their song "Jesus was way cool" and I realised that he was more than perfect but also cool.

- As the song describes Jesus was a revolutionary, he was radical - and hopefully what I have got to say will paint a picture of just how cool Jesus is.

So I thought I’d better do some research to check if Jesus truly was cool?

So I grabbed my trusty dictionary to see what cool really meant, of course it said cold and things like that, but it some definitions of cool, which fitted Jesus perfectly.

1) Calm - disciples woke him up at sea, they thought they were going to die, but Jesus told them to chill out and then LIKE THE FONZ, CLICKED HIS FINGERS AND ALL WAS STILL.

2) attractive – not physically – no brad pitt, but as a person

feeding the 5,000 – they came to hear him speak.

Our society generally perceives rebels as being cool. Eminem, James Dean, the sex pistols – thought of as cool.

Well I would like to tell you that Jesus too was a rebel. But he was not a rebel without a cause; he was a holy rebel.

He did what God wanted him to do and didn’t care what society might tell him he should do

- He broke the societies rule and not only came within speaking distance with lepers but he even touched them.

- He healed people on the Sabbath, the holy church day, this wasn’t allowed, and this really aggravated the religious leaders of the day. He cared more about people than rules, respect than expectations

One of my favourite reasons as to why Jesus was cool was that he was a passivist (that is he hated violence). When Judas came to betray Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane one of Jesus companions tried to stop the guards by having a swing at a guard with a sword, and in the process the guards ear was cut off. Not only did Jesus tell off his naughty friend for playing so rough, but he fixed up the whole problem by sticking the ear back on. (mOUTH NOISE.)

- By the way he healed the man’s ear he didn’t just force it back onto the open wound.

Jesus humility was also cool.

Arrogance is such an annoying quality, but Jesus was the opposite.

He was always humble even though he had every reason to arrogant - he’s God he can do what he wants.


- Jesus washed his disciple’s feet.

- Forgave the men who crucified him.

- Humble enough to talk to the sinners next to him on the cross even throughout out the pain and suffering,

Jesus was also cool for being the first politically correct person (that is realise that every individual deserves love). Even though he lived at a time when it was normal and even expected to be racist, sexist, ageist and even to discriminate because someone sinned more than you did.

Jesus life was revolutionary and it changed the way people thought.

- Racist - the Good Samaritan, the story everyone knows, where the bad guys were the Jews and the hero was a half-cast.

- Sexist - he talked to the prostitute at the well and to Mary and Martha in a day and age when men made no excuses for being sexist. Women were treated as second class citizen but Jesus treated them as equals

- Agist - "let the little children come to me "

- Sinnist - " Zacheus, get down from that tree, I want to have tea at your place tonight" NO, JESUS WASN’T SHORT OF CASH AND NEEDED TO SCAB FOOD, by having tea at Zaccheus house he showed everyone that he didn’t care about Zaccheus sinful past wear he stole from people while collecting taxes.

- IQist - his disciples were just fisherman, they were wharfies, port Adelaide supports, not bright boys at all - but Jesus knew their heart were in the right place. (Well, maybe not Judas)

Luke 12: 22 - 26

- This passage show’s how relaxed Jesus was and it’s definitely cool to be relaxed.

- How cool are Jesus words in this passage, the song "Don’t worry, Be happy" pales into insignificance next to this because Jesus gives reason not to worry other humans can’t – Jesus IS the reason.

- "Life is more than food and the body more than clothes" and people try to suggest the bible is not relevant today, I’d say this passage is even more relevant today as all the youngest are so worried about wearing the right Fubu tops while us older kids are making sure we don’t look the same as the youngsters but we are just as worried about that fashion thing

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