Summary: Lessons learned from Jesus’ rejection at Nazareth.

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Jesus Kicked Out of Church Lk. 4:22-30

INTRO.: Can you imagine the Lord kicked out of Church? His home church, yet. But that’s exactly what happened. Jesus went to Nazareth to visit the town and the synagogue where He was reared. At first, His town folk listened to Him with great interest. He was a local boy made good.

But, they didn’t want to hear anything new. When He tried to raise their thinking to a higher level, they rejected Him and His message and tried to kill Him.

Lessons we need to learn.

I. God is full of surprises:

A. Surprise! The carpenter’s son is a genius. 22

1. they knew Him. He grew up among them.

2. They knew His (step)father. He had built their cabinets.

3. They knew His brothers and sisters. He had been one of the neighborhood kids, and now He had made good. He was a famous Rabbi.

4. Now, His teaching amazes them.

B. Surprise! The people turned against Him. 28, 29

1. The same people who had known Him all His life.

2. Why? He told them something they hadn’t thought of before - they didn’t have enough faith.

3. Just as no widow in Israel had enough faith to feed Elijah and no leper had enough to come to Elisha.

C. Surprise! He escaped their evil intentions. 30

1. They’re angry enough to kill the carpenter’s kid.

2. Stated so matter-of-fact. No great feat.

3. Jesus was and is equal to every challenge.

II. Truth sometimes comes from unexpected sources. We need to check teachers against God’s Word.

A. There is all kind of falsehood in this world.

1. Usually, it is made to sound true.

2. In this information age, we have access to more truth and more falsehood than ever before.

3. So, sometimes we are very cautious about what we accept. Rightly so. Let’s not be gullible.

B. Some prefer to hear anything over God’s Word

1. That’s what gets them into trouble.

2. Jesus was telling them the truth. If they had taken time to think about it or verify His words, they would have acted differently.

3. When we stand up for God’s Truth, we won’t always win. Even Jesus didn’t.

C. God’s Word is infallible. That’s why Jesus rested His claims on it.

1. It’s the standard against which we measure all teaching and experience.

2. We may make the mistake of rejecting truth because it doesn’t mesh with our tradition or accepting a lie made to look good.

3. Don’t be afraid to examine something new in the light of the Word.

III. God cares about all people.

A. This is partly why the Jews became angry when He spoke of Elijah and Elisha.

1. They knew the stories, but had never considered the implications.

2. Jews thought they were God’s people exclusively. Their nationalistic spirit is offended.

3. Religious fanaticism causes insane behavior.

4. We see this when abortion doctors are murdered or fanatics barricade themselves and stockpile weapons. When a man is nailed on a cross.

B. But God cared about the Jews, too.

1. Jesus wasn’t saying He didn’t. Maybe they thought He was.

2. The problem was their lack of faith.

3. After all, why did Elijah and Elisha minister to the Gentiles? Jesus says because of lack of faith in Israel.

C. God cares about you and me.

1. But, like those of Nazareth, we need faith.

2. They didn’t have it. Do we?

3. And do we have the vision to carry the message to the rest of the world?

CONC. ILLUS.: When I was younger, I went to visit in a hospital. When I inquired about a patient, a nurse asked, "Are you related?’ I told her I was his preacher and she told me I didn’t look like a preacher. I’m not sure what she meant.

The problem with Jesus in His hometown is He didn’t look like a Savior. He looked like a carpenter’s kid. Many others had problems like that because He was from Galilee, hung out with prostitutes and tax collectors, and clashed with the priests. Further, He hadn’t performed any miracles in their town.

What kind of Savior are you looking for? One who looks good and says what you like to hear? One Who knows the Truth and has the power to save you?

Jesus Christ is that Savior. He invites you to eternal life.

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