Summary: Outside the bounds of Jesus’ love, there is a hunger that is never satisfied because it longs for true joy and happiness and yet it never gets fulfillment.

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Text: John 15: 9-17

"An ancient clay tablet inscribed about 4000 B.C. tells of a mystic who believed that the secret of life could be discovered by going without food, he died. Those who attempt to live without love meet the same fate". (Herb Miller. Actions Speak Louder Than Verbs. Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1989, p. 68). … "Why does the love section contain the largest number of pages in most quotation books? Because love is one of our greatest needs and one of life’s most obvious truths" (Miller, p. 69). Jesus gives His disciples the commandment to love one another as He had shown His love to them (John 15:12). Jesus’ commandment to love one another was a legacy to Jesus’ disciples then as much as it is also a legacy to Jesus’ disciples today and in every generation. The kind of love that Jesus is talking about is the kind of love that "does not count the cost or keep score" because love in its true godly form is unconditional and fulfilling. Jesus was and is calling His disciples to remain in His legacy of love. Outside the bounds of Jesus’ love, there is a hunger that is never satisfied because it longs for true joy and happiness and yet it never gets fulfillment. The human heart hungers for the fulfilling love of Jesus. The human heart starves for Jesus’ love when it seeks fulfillment in a counterfeit---materialism, substance abuse, immorality.


To remain in Jesus’ love requires that we do our part to stay in the relationship with Him. You cannot watch any amount of TV without seeing the VERIZON commercials where the guy is continually walking around and stopping every so often to ask, "Can you hear me now?" In order for us to hear Jesus now, we have to stay connected in our relationship with Him. That responsibility means that effort is required on our part because it is not automatic. Staying in touch with Jesus means that we have to make a conscious and attentive effort. How is our connection with Jesus? Can we hear Him now?

Static interferes with our connection. When we talk about the phone, the radio or the TV as it relates to reception, we call it static when there is an interference. Have you ever noticed how irritated you and I get when we are talking on the phone, especially the cell phone, watching the ball game or one of our favorite TV shows only to have interference that annoys us? Satan tries to create interferences in our spiritual lives in the hope that we will get frustrated with the connection and give up. Satan tries to divert our attention by deceiving us and tempting us. He tries to use all of the negative things in life to cause enough static and interference in our perception so as to frustrate us in our daily devotion to Jesus. He also tries to hinder the fellowship that we share with our fellow brothers and sisters. Satan cannot stand the sight of Christians abiding in the love of Jesus Christ that sets them free even in spite of the hardships of life. Again, that is why Satan tries to use the negative circumstances and hardships of life to distort our perceptions of the benefits of how we abide in Jesus’ love.

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