Summary: A sermon of Jesus and how he loves us. The main point being we should love as Jesus has loved.

As I go through these verses and look a little more in depth, I want you to ask your self a couple questions?

What is Love?

Am i being Love the way we called to be Love?

1 Corinthians 13

When i go out to eat am I being patient with my waitress at the resteraunt?

Am i envious of others possesions?

Or boasful about my own?

Am I slow to anger or do I get mad and puffed up when someone offends me?

Could You imagine if Jesus had lacked in love?

It was his Love that carried my and your cross up calvaries mountain?

It was his love that nailed him, a perfect sinless man to a tree.

It was his love that held him on that tree, where he bled and died for me.

Nothing is free and sin is the same way.

It was paid for because of Jesus uncoditional love for me and you.

Every law we are called to follow stealing, anger, lust, lies, envy and so much more.

Every single sin in the bible hangs on Love.

Instead of trying to follow all these rules, lets just try this church..... just love.

st. augustine "love God and do as you please"

That sounds insane.

Just think about it though. if love is what every law hangs on we are called to love first and foremost.

If you love your brother or sister you arent going to steal from them or do something to hurt them.

If you Love Jesus you are going to try to live by the bible to the best of your ability, yes we all mess up.

Paul said i have "fought a good fight" can you say you are fighting a good fight that you may loose the occasional battle but not the war.

Because if you are here today and cant say that you are fighting the good fight.

Maybe its cause you dont love.

Maybe you are holding a grudge on someone.

maybe you are more concerned with yourself then you are others.

Matthew 22:37-40

The gospel of matthew says to love the Lord your God and love others as yourself.

Upon these 2 comandments hang all the law.

tell greg laurie story

a couple had been married for 20 yearsthe wife decided she wanted a divorce. She goes to the divorce attorney and tells him she wants a divorce and wants to make it a miserable on her husband as possible. sot eh divorce attorney says to go back home and love her husband like she has never loved him and care about what he cares about and just do everything in her power to show him love. so she does that. 6 months came and went 7 months came and went 8 months came and went then 9 moths came. the divorce attorney called the lady back and asked if she was ready to get the divorce filed and the lady goes what divorce my marriage has never been better, we are going on our second honeymoon.

You see love is special it can change things.

Love to a friend can change a critical mistake they are about to make.

Love to a spouse can make your marriage something great instead of something terrible.

Love to Jesus can turn your life around

Lets look back earlier in the mesage I asked a few questions and kinda let them linger.

Are you love to the waitress at your restraunt when she messes up your order or spills something or is to slow with your food.

Just think about this for a minute if I told you that waitress had been kicked out of here apartment because she couldnt make rent and feed her young child and herself at the same time.

Her husband left her and she was working every hour she could to barley make the bills and eat. would you still be mad at her?

You see you dont know peoples backstories or what they are going through.

It is simply your job to love.

If you dont love, what kind of light are you showing.

I would not want to be the guy on judgement day who God looks at and says. He/she needed your love but you shrugged it off because you let your anger get the best of you.

On all the laws hang love, wihtout it we are nothing but the creaking of a rusty gate.

Jesus has to be at the center of our christian walks and that puts love at the center of our christian walks.

After all Jesus is love

How can we be Gods hands and feet if we dont love?

We look around in our world and sin is everywhere.

Did you ever think that maybe we are in the world we are in because christians havent done there job.

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