Summary: John 3:16

I. Are you looking for someone that loves you? Maybe you are looking for someone that loves you with all their heart. Are you looking for someone that will do anything for you? That special someone that will never turn their back on you. Well I come here today to tell you that I know two people that fit these statements.

II. God loves you the most. I know that God loves you because he created you out of nothing and made you something. God provides all of the things that you want, and also all the things you need. The other thing is that God never leaves you, even when you leave him. God lets you return home to him after you leave him, without a single question. God just welcomes you home with open arms.

III. Jesus is the second person that loves you. Jesus went through everything that you and I will ever go through. He even went through more than you and I ever will. Jesus took the beaten of a lifetime, just for you and I. Jesus died on the cross for you and I, and he rose from the grave on the third day. Now, you may be asking why did he do this? Jesus did this so that our sins could be forgiven and that we may enter into the kingdom of God one day/

IV. So ladies and gentlemen please realize that you are loved. You have two people that will love you just for you. Now all you have to do is ask yourself if you love them too?

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