Summary: God chose Mary to be Jesus' mom for some very specific reasons, and this reasons are a great guide and example for mothers today.

Jesus’ Mom

NOW - we’ve come together this morning for 2 primary reasons.

ONE - is to honor our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ with our worship (and HE so deserves or praise and worship)... AND THE OTHER - is to honor our mothers.

YOU KNOW – moms are amazing…

I MEAN – when you really think about it, what they actually do is INSANE! CHECK – this out… BY - the time a child reaches the age of 18… a mom has added to he plate about 18,000 hours of child-generated work. OKAY – that’s 750 days or 2 full years of her life, doing stuff for and with her kids… (that’s crazy…) Mom’s now you know why you are so tired…

ONE DAY - a Junior High science teacher was lecturing on the properties of magnetism. The next day he gave his students a quiz. HERE’S - the first question: “My name begins with an “M,” has six letters, and I pick things up. What am I?” Half the kids in the class instead of writing the word magnet wrote down the word, “Mother.”

AND - that reminds me of the dad who was trying to explain the concept of marriage to his 4-year-old daughter. He got out their wedding album, thinking visual images would help… AND – as they flipped through the pages he explained the entire wedding service to her. When he was finished, he asked if she had any questions. SHE - nodded yes pointed to a picture of the wedding party and asked, “Daddy, is that when mommy came to work for us?” YES – moms are amazing.

HEY - have you heard about the next Survivor show they have planned? Six men will be dropped off on an island with 1 van and 4 kids for 6 weeks. Each kid plays two sports and takes music or dance lessons. There's no access to fast food. Each man must take care of his 4 kids, keep his assigned house clean, correct all homework, complete science projects, cook, and do laundry.

The men have access to television when the kids are asleep and all chores are done. But there's only one TV between them and no remote control. They must be able to get a four year old to eat green beans. The men must shave their legs and wear makeup daily, which they must apply themselves while driving or while making lunches.

They'll be judged on how well they can make an Indian hut model with six toothpicks, a tortilla, and one magic marker. The winner gets voted off of the island and gets his old job back!

AGAIN – moms are amazing… AND - not only do they seem to be at times, `superhuman…’ BUT - they also seem to speak the same language. I MEAN - it’s not written in any book nor is it taught in any college but every mom seems to know the dialect. Perhaps you too have heard:

"Don’t be smart with me."

"Just wait until your dad gets home"

”Don’t make me come up there”

"If you break your leg, don’t come running to me"

"You ARE going to have fun"

"Where’s my change"

"That’s the last time I’m going to tell you."

"Call when you get there"

And my moms all time favorite when I was blocking her view of the TV… “Steven you may be a pain but you are not made of glass…”

(ALL – moms remain sitting… and everyone us stand… let’s give it up for these amazing ladies!!!)

SINCE – April 22nd we have been in a message series, ‘I Want To Know Christ.’

A series where…

It’s been an amazing journey…

BUT – this morning (Mother’s Day 2012), I want to talk about moms, in a message called Jesus, His Mom.

UNDERSTAND – Mary was an awesome mom. AND HOW – do I know that… BECAUSE – The All Mighty and All Knowing Father choose her to both carry and raise His one & only Son.

NOW BEFORE – we really start to dig in and take a look at Mary I want to acknowledge the fact that I know that for some in this room mother’s day can be a pretty tough day…

• Maybe you’re mom is no longer with you and you miss her

• Maybe you would like to be a mom but for some reason you cannot

• Maybe things are not going so well with your kids and you feel like a failure

• Maybe you and your mom had a bad relationship, maybe she treated you bad or walked out on you and it still hurts

• Or maybe you are a single mom flying solo and it is really hard to do it on your own.

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