Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: 10 Week series on the gospel

Gospel Deep

Jesus Lived a Sinless Life - 1 Peter 2:21

-Stanford Band Video

-I love watching videos of Sports Bloopers!

-The one you just watched happened in 1982 and has been immortalized as one of the biggest mess-ups in sports history!

-Stanford was playing Cal who is their across the bay rival.

-With 4 seconds left in the game Stanford kicked a field goal to take the lead 20-19.

-Four seconds was just enough for Stanford to kick the ball and Cal to try and return it.

-For all practical purposes Stanford had won the game. But there was still 4 seconds on the clock.

-Coaches know that a lot can happen in 4 seconds but apparently, band members don’t know that!

-As the ball was kicked some enthusiastic band members rushed the field while Cal was returning the ball.

-With 5 lateral passes and dozens of band members storming the field a player named Kevin Moen managed to weave through the Stanford defense (and band members) on his way to the end zone

-With 4 seconds left Cal scored the winning touchdown and won the “Big Game” 25-20…thanks in part to that crazy Stanford band!

-Nobody’s perfect, right? If everyone did what they were supposed to all the time we’d have no sports bloopers!

-If every did what they were supposed to every time…

-We’d have no crime! We’d have no problems! No regrets!

-That sounds good but that’s not reality. “Nobody’s perfect!”

-That might be the most understated cliché of all time!

-We have a whole book that chronicles the universal struggles of all people for all of time!

-The Bible tells us emphatically that nobody’s perfect…and even if the Bible didn’t say that…we all know it! We can see that!

-One of the most fascinating things in the Bible is the account of the only sinless person in history: God’s One and Only Son Jesus.

-We are in week 2 of our series Gospel Deep and we are learning the basic gospel message and the response to it.

-If you weren’t here last week get on the web or the app and listen to message number one.

-Last week we talked about why Jesus came! Jesus came to save!

-Today we’re talking about something that is critical to understanding the gospel; Jesus never sinned.

-Before we get into that…hold up your right hand and let’s go

through that simple gospel outline. If your neighbor isn’t holding up there hand it’s ok to secretly judge them just a little! ?


• Jesus came to save.

• Jesus never sinned.

• Jesus died on the cross.

• Jesus rose from the grave.

• Jesus is coming back.

-If you know those basic points you’ll be able to share the basic message about Jesus. Hold up that left hand.

-In response to that Good News message of Jesus…we:

• Admit my sin.

• Trust in Jesus.

• Turn away from sin.

• Be baptized.

• Follow Jesus.

-That’s the basic gospel in a nutshell.

-And please remember that gospel just means “Good News”.

-Jesus came with good news for all the people in the world!

-But in order to share the Good News about Jesus with people, you have to know it.

-So practice this. Our youth group is learning this.

-My daughter came home from youth group and did all 10 fingers!

-Teach it to your little kids at home.

-Have fun with it. Quiz each other. If the whole family gets its …Frosties for everyone at Wendy’s!

-Jesus came to save and Jesus never sinned.

-We’re dig deeper into that topic of Christ’s sinlessness.

1 John 3:5 “And you know that Jesus came to take away our sins, and there is no sin in him.”


-First, we have to know what sin is. In the Bible one of the Greek words that is frequently translated “sin” is hamartia.

-Sin (hamartia) is missing the mark.

-At summer camp, they have archery and the kids are aiming at targets that have a bullseye on them.

-That’s the mark. And when you have 4th – 6th graders shooting arrows it’s a pretty rare occurrence to see a bullseye.

-So when anyone hits the mark it’s a big deal! I got a bullseye!

-But more often than not, the arrows miss the mark…and sometimes the whole target.

-That’s what sin is. It is missing the mark.

-Jesus never missed the mark.

-Jesus never missed! Jesus never got off target; Jesus never sinned

-Let that sink in for a moment: He never sinned.

-Not one time. Not one moment. Not once in his whole life.

-That is so far from our reality that it’s hard to even imagine what it would look like.

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