Summary: Jesus is coming through Jericho and the people let a blind man know that Jesus is passing by.


A) Our Lord is going through Jericho for the last time. * He has set His face toward Jerusalem and

the cross! * In just a few hours, He will be sitting at the table of Mary, Martha & Lazarus.

* It will not be long until He sits in the Upper Room! * It wont be long until sweat as drops of

blood will drop from His brow in Gethsemane.

B) In just a little while, He will be tried in a mock trial. * It will not be long until the cat-o’-nine

tails will pierce the flesh of His back & make it impossible to know that He is even a human being.

* He is going through Jericho for the last time!

C) As He comes through Jericho, great crowds gather to see Him.

* His fame has traveled all over Palestine! * It has been said of Him over all the land,

* "This man can cause blind eyes to see, deaf ears to hear, still the waves & calm the storm."

D) This man causes people with leprosy to be cleansed. * This man heals the sick!

* This man raises the dead! * All over Palestine it has been told that our Lord performs miracles!

* Everywhere He goes, people rush to see Him and throng to His side!

E) He now comes through Jericho and as He comes to Jericho, the crowds rush to see Him!

* There is a blind man sitting by the way. * He is begging. * He doesn’t know why there is all the

commotion. * He hears the people as they pass by. * He looks up and says,

* "What’s happening? Why all the commotion? What’s all the rush about?

F) The people tell him these words: "Jesus of Nazareth passeth by." * Isn’t that beautiful?

* The blind man said, "Jesus, Thou Son of David, have mercy on me."

* The disciples said, "Don’t do that, leave Him alone!" * They rebuked the man!

G) The man pressed them even more, "Jesus, Thou Son of David, have mercy on me."

* The more they tried to hush him, the more he shouted, "Jesus, Thou Son of David ......."

* Jesus did have mercy, and the man was marvelously healed!

* I want you to notice four simple and brief truths!


* If others had not come, he could not have come either, for he had no way to see!

A) It was the beating of others’ feet upon the pavement that caused him to want to come to Christ!

* He knew nothing about who was in town! * He knew nothing about the fact that Jesus of

Nazareth was there! * He didn’t know that this was his opportunity to be healed!

B) Though his eyes were blinded, he began to hear people as they flocked by,

* And He heard the beating on the pavement of the city’s streets.

* In fact, in Lk.18:36 it says, "And hearing the multitude pass by, he asked what it meant."

C) He would not have come himself if others had not been going.

* Ladies and Gentlemen, that is why it is easier to be saved in a church like ours than in others!

* There’s people come to this church and not like my preaching, yet when the invitation comes,

they come down the isle, as conviction settles.

D) It is because they hear the beat of others moving! * They see the tears!

* They hear the cry of those at the altar. * They see others on their knees at the altar,

* Then they also came! * So this blind man inquired as to what was happening!

E) They replied, "Jesus of Nazareth passeth by." * Jesus passes by you this morning!

* He wants you to cry and ask for mercy!

F) Do you know that you are responsible for others? * If these others had not come, he .......

* Had he not heard the rustling of the feet, he himself would not have cried, "Jesus, Thou Son ......."

* Husband, if you would come to Christ, your wife would come to Christ!

G) Dad, if you would come to Christ, your son or daughter may come to Christ!

* The rustling of your feet would help to save others!

* This morning, not only do you hold your own destiny in your hands, but you also hold the

destiny of your wife, your neighbors, your children, and those who look to you!

* Don’t you think it is important that you be saved?


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