Summary: Jesus teaches kingdom people what true riches and how one can become rich forever.


Matthew 6:19-24

Jesus wants to make you rich. This is one of the reasons why Jesus came. The Apostle Paul states that Jesus, who was rich, became poor, so that through his poverty people might become rich (2 Cor. 8:9).

Matthew records Jesus definition of true riches. He wants to tell us how to be rich forever. More importantly, Jesus tells us to take a decisive break from our misladen values.


Jesus does not ban earthly possessions. Neither does he forbid providing for one’s family. See 1 Timothy 5:8; Proverbs 6:6-8. Jesus forbids selfishness. He warns against “laying up treasures for oneself”.

True riches are durable. Unlike all earthly treasures, kingdom riches cannot be stolen; cannot lose its value, cannot be destroyed by time and other things.

True riches are saved in heaven. A story is told of a sailor who survived from shipwrecked. He landed in an island where he was declared as king. He was told that as king he could rule for one year. Do anything he wants. But after one year he was to be banished in another island, to die. The king immediately went to work after that. He ordered boat builders to build great boats. He then sent farmers to the island to start tilling the land, plant seeds, trees. After that he send another batch of workers into that island. This time they were carpenters who were ordered to build a mansion. This king knew his time on that village is short. So he did what he needed to do. After a year, he was banished to the island. But not to die, but banished into paradise.

2. RICH PEOPLE SEE (6:22-23)

Jesus describes two conditions. One lives in light having good eyes that could see. The other has “unhealthy eyes” depriving the person from seeing. One lives in the light. The other lives in darkness.

Eyes enable us to see what we are doing and where we are going.

Share debate between two scientists on their views about “life after death.” One of the scientist was an atheist. He did not believe in the afterlife. He subscribed to Darwin’s theory of evolution. He said, “I believe that when I die, I rot. That is the end of my existence.” The other scientist was a Christian. He answered the question, “I believe that when I die, I shall continue to live. I have a soul and a spirit given by God. I believe that Jesus came to earth to bring me to heaven.”

Rich people have a purpose for life. They know they’re not here on earth by accident. They are here by divine-design. They have a mission. They live for a purpose. They are rich. They live lives full of meaning.


Jesus reveals two truths about serving. First, Jesus says, we are only capable of one all-out devotion. We cannot serve two masters. To try to serve two masters is to try to do the impossible. Jesus is not talking about two empoyers. He is talking about masters.

Just as a circle has only one center, so a person’s life can only have one controlling center.

Secondly, Jesus tells us that who we serve will determine the outcome of our lives. (This is for next week).


Give ourselves to the LORD that we may become more like him. We do this as we surrender to God daily. To consciously surrender ourselves to God that he may change our attitudes, our values, our lifestyles and other things. Character changed into Christlikeness is an eternal investment. See 2 Peter 1:5-11.

Make ourselves available to him so that he can use to bring others to his kingdom.

Give your resources to support the work of the Lord. Our tithes and offerings are investments into the kingdom of God.

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