Summary: What does GOd’s word say about this difficult subject? How can the church be there to help people?


 A troubled man came to his lawyer to seek a divorce. The lawyer asked, "Do you have any Grounds? The man replied, "About three acres. "The lawyer tried again, "No, I mean do you have a Grudge? The man said, "No, but we have a carport. "The lawyer made one last effort: "Are you really sure you want a divorce?" The client replied, "No, I don’t but my wife does. She says we can’t communicate!"

 As we continue on with or look at the Sermon on the Mount, today we are going to look at a subject that once again is not a very comfortable one to talk about. This subject is one that elicits strong emotions in many people because of the way that they have been affected by it.

 Today’s subject was so important that Jesus included it in the wonderful Sermon on the Mount. It is the third of six areas in which our righteousness is to exceed that of the scribes and Pharisees.

 Today we are going to look at hat Jesus says about divorce and marriage in general.

 According to a 2001 study by George Barna of the Barna research institute; Overall, 33% of all born again individuals who have been married have gone through a divorce, which is statistically identical to the 34% incidence among non-born again adults.

 There are millions of people who affected by divorce in our society today. There can be very devastating effects on children who are touched by divorce.

 According to Colorado Representative Dave Schultheis who is the author of the 2002 Children of Divorce Protection Act- A stable, two-parent home has no equal in terms of its benefits to children. Over 80 percent of inmates in Colorado prisons come from homes where one or both parents were not around. Risks of teenage pregnancy, alcohol and drug abuse, incarceration, poor performance in school and many other indicators are multiples greater for children of divorce than for children of two-parent homes. The data are undeniable. Divorce has a life-long effect on children that, for many, is never overcome.

 What does God have to say about divorce? There are a variety of opinions offered as to how God feels from some saying it is an unpardonable sin to “God does not care.” Understanding what God says about the subject can help us to deal with the ever important question “How is the church to deal with it and how can we help people who have and are going through it?”

 It is my hope today that if you have been through this that you will gain comfort in knowing what God says about the subject. For the young people here today, I hope that this message may help you to see the seriousness of marriage and that you will choose your future spouse very carefully. Lastly, I hope that we all realize that no matter what our situation that God loves you and that if you fall on the side that is contrary to God’s will, that there is forgiveness in Jesus.

 Today in order for us to understand what Jesus is going to say about divorce, we will look at the original intent for marriage, the state of marriage during the days of Moses, the state of marriage during the time of Jesus and then God’s true intent for marriage.

 We will look at a variety of passages today but I want to start with the text for today in Matthew 5:31-32.

 Why would Jesus put this passage in this sermon? What was it that lead Him to add this part of the sermon?

 Jesus in the previous verses was saying that it was sinful to look too long at a woman and that if we looked at a woman who was not our spouse with lust in our heart, that we had committed adultery with her in our hearts.

 The lawyers and Pharisees who were listening to this may have rationalized that the Law allows for divorce and therefore a married man can obtain the woman that he is lusting after as his wife if he desires. (Lightfoot commentary in Matthew)



 Verse 20. God desired that man have a suitable helper so he took a rib from \Adam and made Eve for him! Adam was excited with this new mate! Our English does not do the passage justice. Adam was one happy man!

 Verse 24. In this verse God said that because of this a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife and that the two shall become one flesh.

 We see a pattern of LEAVE-CLEAVE-BECOME.

 God shows us that we are to make a new life together and during the course of that effort, we become one inseparable flesh. God intended marriage to be a beautiful thing that makes each persons life better.

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Cyn Lw

commented on Sep 30, 2006

I'm divorced and have racked my thoughts through the coals of the what-ifs; we did counseling - both Christan counselors - 2 and one pastor; our two issues -he was into computer porn and taking money from the bank and spending what we didn't have; after the last counselor I needed to make a decision-debt for ever and stress or peace - I chose peace - I've always prayed for him & I continue to pray for him, but he still hasn't changed - the sadness I carry is we got along in every way, the last Christian counselor told him that this was the last place I could turn it was his choice - he chose to continue his ethics - I had to keep mine - no porn and no debt.

Ron Bramos

commented on May 25, 2010

I believe in seperation to find out what God will do in the in his heart. I also believe it will hasten the outcome your looking for. In other words, if he is sensitive the the Holy Spirit and the temporary loss of you he will quickly repent. Or, there is no sensitivity to God at all and he will therefore continue to induldge in sinful nature without any concern for you. Your seperation will force a revealing and conclusion of what he is really up to and what he really wants. This is what we are told to do with the immoral brother in Corinth, expell he so it would hasten his repentance. In other words, leave him outside the body and maybe he will miss the benefits and come back. If he doesn''t maybe he never belonged in the first place.

Jeffery Anselmi

commented on May 26, 2010

Divorce is a tough subject. I feel we need to be careful to do the best we can to stay within what ther Bible says on the subject and as always deal with the subject with mercy and grace.

Ted Demetriades

commented on Sep 17, 2011

The subject of divorce is one of the most troubling issues not only in the society that we live but also inside the church. Positions vary and in some places divorced people are rejected and looked as second class Christians with no future for them in the Kingdom of God. God?s intend was not for man to fall in sin, but knowing the future He provided a way out of sin. God hates every sin (and divorce) but He loves the sinner (and the divorced). If God had not forgiven David in the old Testament and so many more in the New Testament and restored them and continue to use them, there will be no reason even for the rest of us to be forgiven and restored. I believe that we are more Biblical when we provide the atmosphere where people that went through this painful process to be restored into the Kingdom, even if it was their fault.

Jeffery Anselmi

commented on Sep 18, 2011

We are to do the very best we can not to add or take away from what God says in His Word either in word or in spirit, that is the kind of atmosphere we are called to provide, teach the truth IN love. :)

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