Summary: Peter blundered, but his blunder has become a great blessing to millions, for it has taught us that our eyes must be fixed upon Jesus and Him only.

Matthew 17:1-14


The separation of the three

The speech of the two (represent the Law and the Prophets)

The sovereignty of the one

Six days before the events of our text, Jesus had dropped the bombshell that He would die and be raised the third day. We are not told what took place during that week. Whatever, happened it was a down time for the ministry. It was time that allowed a fear about the future to gain a foothold in the disciples’ heart.

Jesus whispers to Peter, James, and John, “Let us go find a quiet place to pray.” Jesus went up to pray. This certainly reminds us of His present ministry of intercession as our Great High Priest. As He prays, His face is altered. Surely in this He set us an example. As we pray, we too shall be changed.

Four men scaled Mount Hermon, but now two more men appear out of now where - men who have been gone for more that a thousand years. At first, Peter, James, and John, were unaware of what was happening, for Luke records they had been asleep. Perhaps they long journey had worn them out, and the rare moment of quiet and the beautiful setting had lulled them to sleep. When they awake Peter speaks. In His words, he blunders. According to Luke and Mark’s account of the event Peter’s preposterous suggestion about making three tabernacles or booths is regarded as “not knowing what he said.”

Peter was still stumbling on with his irresponsible nonsense when the mountain was suddenly wrapped with a bright cloud. Then came the Father’s voice putting an end to Peter’s blundering remarks, “This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.”

The disciples are overcome with the terror of the bright cloud and the sound of the voice from heaven, but Jesus comes and touches them. When they lift up their eyes they see now no man but Jesus only.

Peter blundered, but his blunder has become a great blessing to millions, for it has taught us that our eyes must be fixed upon Jesus and Him only.

I. The OBSTACLE to faith which man can BE

Our life and our lips can become an obstacle to the faith of others. What we say and do can become an hindrance to others. Paul is referring to this same thing in I Corinthians 9:12 when he says that he does not want to “hinder the gospel of Christ.”

Peter’s comments about building three booths was dishonoring to Christ. It was dishonoring of Christ in that it put Christ on the same level with Moses and Elijah. Christ is not to be on an equal to any man. He is above all men. NO substitute can ever replace the Son. NO superior can ever surpass the Son.

A. Man needs to be careful about distorting the image of Christ

Jesus is more than Moses and Elijah. Note the processions of ands by which Peter linked all three persons, as if to put Moses, Elijah, and Jesus on the same footing. Jesus is more than a man. He is the God-man. Peter distorts the image of Christ by putting on the same level as man. If Jesus be not God, then salvation through His blood is only a longed for fantasy, hope for this life is aa mockery, and Heaven is only a beautiful dream. BUT Jesus is God.

Jesus was God in the womb of the virgin Mary. Jesus was God in the manger of Bethlehem. Jesus was God in the carpenter’s shop at Nazareth. Jesus was God the boat on the Lake of Galilee. Jesus was God on the Mount of Transfiguration., Jesus was God on the cross as He cried, “It is finished.” Jesus was God in the tomb as He lay still in death. Jesus was God on the morning of the resurrection as He broke asunder the bands of death and came out triumphantly over death, grave and Hell. Jesus was God on the Mount of Olives as His feet left that sacred place. Jesus is God at the right hand of the throne now. Jesus will be God coming again soon for His own.

History declares His deity. Prophecy accents His deity. Christianity testifies of His deity. Music sings of His deity.

B. Man needs to be careful about diverting an individual from Christ

Peter is guilty of directing others to Moses and Elijah instead of giving all preeminence to Christ.

The church at Corinth was guilty of this. Instead of emphasizing the message of the Word, the Corinthians had begun to emphasize the messengers of the Word . We need to be as Paul when he said “for we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord... “ Acts 5:42 “And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ.”

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