Summary: The book of Hebrews is all about Jesus!

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Jesus Our Sacrifice

Hebrews 9:1-28


-When we look up into the evening sky we see…well, usually we see rain…but for the sake of the illustration we see all these little stars twinkling above us.

-And though we see them we know that there is much more out there than just what our eyes can take in.

-We know that for every star we can see with our naked eye, there are thousands more beyond them.

-There are an estimated 70 sextillion stars. 7 & 22 zeroes!

-There are an estimated hundred billion galaxies in the universe.

-Modern people have had the advantage of huge telescopes, planetariums, and even space exploration crafts which have allowed us to know more…

-But for all we have discovered there is still even more.

-We don’t have a telescope that can see, we don’t have a ship that can take us, & we don’t have the minds to comprehend

-How vast, and beautiful, and complex space really is.

-What we see is only the tip of the iceberg.

-And that’s how the Tabernacle in ancient Israel was.

-It was beautiful, it was ornate, it was elaborate and awe-inspiring for those ancient people to see.

-But when they entered that Tabernacle they had the sense that there was more…that something bigger than what they saw.

-The rich symbolism of the Tabernacle was designed to give people the hint of something even better.

-The shocking truth is that the OT tabernacle is this; it was patterned after the very throne room of God.

-The place where people worshipped God on earth, was a miniature replica of the place where God is worshipped in heaven.



-When you take all that we have learned so far in Hebrews…and you put it together it paints a real picture for us.

-Let me summarize the beginning of chapter 9 for the sake of time

-EARTHLY TABERNACLE (VS 1) A tent. It was a kind of a portable temple that the Israelites took with them through all their desert wanderings and even into the Promised Land.

-Everything in the tabernacle had symbolic meaning.

-LAMPSTAND, TABLE, SACRED BREAD. (VS 2) Inside there was

-MOST HOLY PLACE WITH A CURTAIN (VS 3) There was only one person who could go into that most holy place…the High Priest of Israel.

-When he entered he’d come face to face with the golden incense altar and the ARK OF THE COVENANT (VS 4)

-If you don’t know what the ark is, just watch Indiana Jones; Raiders of the Lost Ark…it will all become clear.

-On top of that ark were two carved CHERUBIM (VS 5) angels.

-All of these things are shadows of the real things in heaven.

-The Holy Place pictured God’s throne room in heaven.

-Incense represents prayers being sent right to God.

-The bread and table are like a meal; symbolizing the fellowship with have with God.

-The lid on the Ark of the Covenant was called the Mercy seat, and it symbolized God’s throne…where he sits in power!

-If you read Ezek & Rev you find that there are Cherubim angels who surround God’s throne.

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