Summary: Consider your real love for God! Does it lead you to an unwavering commitment to follow him completely?


Jesus has a way like no one else at getting our attention. He will do whatever it takes to draw us close to himself throughout our journey through this life. Right there on the beach, Jesus led Peter through an experience that remove his former cloud of denial and cause Peter to count the cost of following Christ for the rest of his life without any reservation!

I. Love For Christ

It is so easy to get caught up in working for God that we can miss our intimacy with God. There are times in our lives when God desires for us to recognize that he is to be our first love. It is most important to stop and listen to your true heart regarding this all important matter of your relationship to him being above your work for him.

More important than love for men, work, ambition, or anything else is one’s love For Jesus Christ! Peter had repented, and now Jesus was asking him to make a lifetime commitment. Such a commitment is not possible until the passion of your heart is found in God alone. Only then can you be fully equipped to effectively do his work. Peter changed when he finally realized who Jesus was, the Son of the Living God! His occupation changed from that of being a fisherman to evangelist. His identity changed from "impetuous" to "rock" and his relationship to Jesus changed. He was truly a forgiven man.

II. Love Brought Peter A Task

His task was now the great responsibility of feeding God’s sheep. Give your life to shepherding the sheep and the lambs of "my flock." What a mandate! Our proof of our love for Christ is demonstrated in our daily love and service unto others. Christ does not entrust his flock to those who do not truly love him! "Feed my sheep!" Literally this means "shepherd or tend to my sheep.

Love always involves respobsibility, and love always involves sacrifice. What an example our Lord was to us on both of these points. He has showed us the "how" and given us the love for others that he has entrusted under our care for his glory.

III. Love Brought Peter A Cross

As we read verses 18 and 19 we recognize that now Peter was given the commission to live as never before with a life of sacrifice and surrender. Peter was being summoned to an undeviating, faithful walk, to set his sights upon Jesus Christ alone. This commission would eventually lead Peter to a cross as his Lord had gone down thgat road before him. The road to Calvary is a costly road!

Life Application:

Would you consider your real love for God? Who is the first priority in your life? Does this love lead to to an unwavering commitment to follow him completely?

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