Summary: This is coming from the 24th division of Luke

Sermon text Luke 24:1-8

Thank You Jesus For Rising!

We have gathered early this Easter morning to honor and respect the raising of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

1. When Jesus rose from the grave he did so for you and I. Also he rose to prove a point to all. That no matter what evil act Satan may try to do to you, when you belong to God the devils evil attacks shall not come to pass, without Gods permission.

2. The second thing that Jesus shows us is that when God brings us out of a test we should come out as a brand new person. Jesus folded up his clothing before coming out of the tomb. God had his Son die for our sins, but Jesus did not let his appreance show that he had been beaten for our sins when he was out of the tomb.

3. And the third thing we noticed is that Jesus rose from the grave for another reason. God had his son die for our sins, but God also needed his to come back home. Jesus had to return back to God to prepare a place for all who believe in the text found in John 3:16 may also meet God face to face one day.

4. When you are a child of God the rising of Jesus Christ should make you shout. It is because of Jesus rising early Easter morning that you and I have a chance of getting into heaven, if Jesus would not have rose early on the third morning there's no telling where we would

be today.

5. The rising of Jesus should have all the children of God shouting because it shows us that troubles won't last forever.

6. The rising of Jesus should cause all of the children of God to have amazing and great faith, because all of God's children has a heavenly home waiting just for them.

So as I close let us remember to thank:

1. God for sending Jesus to earth to die for a sins.

2. Jesus for dying, rising, and returning to heaven for us.

3. God in advance for our heavenly home that is currently waiting for us!

And all Gods children said Amen!

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