Summary: As we come to God, let us believe what He says and walk in faith.


The way in which we come to God prepares the way for the work of God. There is no room for arrogance or human effort when seeking a divine encounter with a Holy God! Notice the attitude of the seeker:

I. A Desparate Need

v.47 "He went to Him." This royal official traveled about twenty miles to see Jesus.

v.49 The father’s reply to Jesus spoke from a heart of desparation. He put aside his own position and pride to seek that for which only God Himself could provide.

II. A Spoken Word

"Your son will live." Notice how the father "believed" the word of Jesus Christ without any VISIBLE sign and went back home. He believed BEFORE he found out that his son was healed. (vs. 51-53) The healing took place at the "exact time" that Jesus spoke the word.

Distance is no problem to God as He is the Master of space. The father’s return home demonstrated his faith in the word of Jesus Christ! Faith is a gift that grows as we use it.

III. A Growing Faith

v.51 "While he was on his way" Believe and act upon what God has spoken!

All of his household(family) believed. This father had sen what Jesus could do; he experienced God’s power and all that was left for him to do was to surrender. He began with a desparate need(which Jesus met wonderfully), and that need turned to love and the acceptance of Christ, not only for himself, but for his entire family.

Life Application:

As we come to God, let us believe what He says and walk in faith. Come in desparation, but leave with joy and satisfaction! Our God far exceeds our expectations. He is awesome!

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