Summary: God delights in our coming to Him in prayer. In heaven, we might see all that could have been ours if we would just "ask - seek - knock".

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“Jesus Teaches About Prayer”

Luke 11:5-10

INTRODUCTION: We CONTINUE in our series on “Lessons Jesus Taught”.

Prayer was important to Jesus. He had just given His Disciples instructions on prayer – 11:1-4

If prayer was important to Jesus … how MUCH MORE IMPORTANT ought prayer be to us!


Here, we see a man interceding for a “friend”. A “friend” goes to another “friend’s” house asking for food for a “friend” … he’s hungry. There were no convenient stores in Bible times … you asked friends for food when you were out of food.

The asking “friend” is an INTERCESSOR … a middle-man … for his visiting “friend”. It was the responsibility of the host to feed a guest in his house. It was a SHAME to not be able to provide for a guest.

That’s what God wants US to be … INTERCESSORS. The LOST don’t have access to our “Friend”, the Lord Jesus Christ. They don’t have access to His Throne. God won’t hear their prayers, other than their prayer of REPENTANCE.

I wish I could save everybody … BUT … I can’t. HOWEVER … I know Someone who can! AND … I can go to Him on their behalf. That’s what “friends” do! God has the resources to meet their spiritual needs … I don’t. THEREFORE … it’s MY RESPONSIBILITY to go to God on their behalf.


o That they might see their NEED of a Savior.

o That they might see their HOPE as being only in Christ alone.

o That they might realize they are bound for an ETERNITY in the Lake of Fire.

I see their NEED … I know their only HOPE … I realize their FATE. SO … I am to PRAY.

“which of you …” ANSWER: ALL of us would do the same thing this man did … INTERCEDE on behalf of someone in need. See 11:11-12

MODERN PARABLE: Company comes all at once … unexpected. You’re unprepared … they’re hungry … stores closed. You go to a friend to borrow some eggs, bacon, bread. FRIEND: “Forget it … go home & leave me alone!”

11:7 – Everybody slept in one bed … even the goats & chickens slept in the house at night. It must have caused quite a commotion when there was a knock on the door at “midnight”.

IN SPITE OF the initial denial, he finally relented and gave him some bread. BUT NOTE: He didn’t give it to him on the basis of his “friendship” … BUT … on the basis of his PERSISTENCE … his “pestering” him.

11:8 – “importunity” = ‘shameless persistence & perseverance’. NOTE: This is a parable of CONTRAST. Jesus used this technique several times … see 11:13.

There are several things we need to see in this PARABLE OF CONTRAST:


When we go to God in prayer, we don’t go to Him as His NEIGHBOR … or even His FRIEND … BUT … as His CHILD. You don’t have to knock down His door! WHY? Because He WANTS to meet all your needs. While I might be “bothered” if you came to my door at midnight … if my SON came to my door, it wouldn’t be a “bother”.

God gives us a PROMISE: Philip. 4:19 – “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” THEREFORE … we don’t need to be as ARROGANT as this man was to his neighbor … knocking down his door.

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