Summary: In this morning’s text we find Joseph and Mary enjoying the new addition to their family.

In this morning’s text we find Joseph and Mary enjoying the new addition to their family. They have been blessed with the Holy Child, Jesus. And there is no one else in the entire world that knew Jesus like Joseph and Mary knew Jesus.

As is the case of any new parents with their first child,

it was probably difficult for Joseph and Mary to sleep.

I wonder how many times they were awaken with the awesome presence of God cradled near their bed.

That first week (after the birth of Jesus) must have been exciting for Joseph and Mary. They both had a tremendous responsibility in taking care of their newborn baby, the Christ Child.

And one of those responsibilities was to fully submit to the Laws of Moses by taking baby Jesus to the Temple in Jerusalem to be consecrated unto the Lord.

Jesus was to be circumcised, and Mary would bring her sacrifices of two turtledoves to the altar of the Lord.

Recently (in our Mid Week Service, on Wednesdays) we have been learning how the Lord will often deal with one person while at the same time He is dealing with another. That is, one person will need ministry while the Lord will (at the same time) prepare someone else for the fulfillment of that ministry.

This is the case with our story this morning.

It is interesting to know that - While Joseph and Mary made preparations to take baby Jesus to Jerusalem, the Lord was (at the same time) prompting a man named Simeon to meet with the Savior of the world.

Text: Luke 2:25 thru 32


What we see here is the first conversion to Christ. Simeon –

· Was the first soul to receive Christ as his Lord and Savior.

· Had waited a long time on the coming of the Lord.

· Had spent his entire life in the temple trying to do everything he knew to become the just and devout man that he was thought of.

· Had seen thousands of sacrifices made at the temple for the sins of the people.

· Was an important man of religion, but he knew he would never be satisfied until he was able to see the Messiah.

And the day finally came. Now this baby, Jesus, was all that would ever be important to Simeon.

Nothing else matters to those who have a personal relationship with the Son of God.

Folks, we have come this morning to worship and to adore the Savior of the world. Like Simeon, God has spoken to us and told us it is important for us to be here.

Because, the Savior has arrived. Our Jesus is in His Holy Temple. Jesus has come to meet with you and I.

Consider this. The Holy Spirit has prompted millions, if not billions, of people to gather at God’s Temple.

The Savior has impacted lives around the world for hundreds of years. Jesus, the Savior, continues to meet with people like Simeon, and you, and I every moment of everyday. Everywhere.

Our text tells us the story of the first visit, by the Savior, to God’s House. That day, the Son of God was welcomed by Simeon. Jesus was embraced and worshipped by mankind as He always has been and forever will be.

Here in our temple (that God has provided for us) we also sense the presence of Jesus.

The Savior is to be honored and hallowed by everyone.

Simeon was the first to know the awesome presence of the Lord, Jesus Christ. This is what we sense every week when we come here for services in God’s house.

We must prepare ourselves daily for His arrival. As well, we know we must be in God’s house on the Sabbath.

It is here that we can welcome the Savior of the world.

I want you to notice that Simeon was one of only two people in the Temple that day to have welcomed Joseph, Mary and Jesus.

(The other was a woman who never left the Temple of the Lord, and that is another story.)

Where were the other saints of God?

Where were the priests and the scribes?

Why were they not there (also) waiting for Jesus?

Simeon had become part of the new Israel. The other priests and scribes (missing) couldn’t understand this.

No longer would religion work for Simeon. There was a new day coming to Israel. Simeon would be part of it. The new spiritual and faith believing Israel was born!

God knows there will be those who will hunger and thirst for the sight and presence of the Christ.

The Prince of Peace. That Rose of Sharon. That light that brings revelation unto the Gentiles. Jesus Christ!

Like Simeon, we must long to see Jesus.

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