Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Faith is seeing Jesus as the supplier of all we need, Faith is based on nothing more or less than the "finished work of Christ"

The Object of Faith

Mark 5:34

In verse #v25 she is referred to as a “certain woman”

In verse #34 “daughter”.

Notice with me the relationship, blood is thicker than water.

Faith reflects relationship with God.

Faith sometimes is described as in something not known or acquaintance so today I want to speak “Faith” in your life. The Object of Gospel Faith is Jesus Christ the son of the Living God. And I say I want to speak Faith to you today because Romans 10:17 So then faith [cometh] by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Faith today as it was for the woman with the issue of blood is to believe Jesus was God in flesh and bone.

Jesus through He is the Son of God became flesh to live and die for us.

1. We are able to touch Him by faith and receive His salvation today.

a. There is no earthy remedy for sin,

b. But there is a remedy. That remedy is Christ and Christ alone. Not Jesus and something

Faith, “Your Faith” has made you whole.

The ingredient that one must have to receive from God, faith.

No matter if you are speaking about salvation or healing your physical body. Faith

Do you have a situation, a need in your life or family that you need Faith to believe?

Many times the word “faith” is used to indicate what is possible but not sure.

This is why many people do not receive from the Lord.

2. “Faith” in your Bible is always linked to what is assure and certainly true. Jesus Christ

There is no limit to what faith can do.

Faith in God gives a promise, because of a personal relationship with Christ that can transform any situation, To the Glory of God.

We are instructed from God’s word not to put trust in man, don’t put trust in riches, military power, in your own goodness, etc

True Faith is always corrected on God as the One, by His Nature he is certain and assurance.

Because He is faithful, because He changes not, we can commit ourselves to Him.

Have you committed your life to Jesus?

The Object of Faith

Only way to God is through Jesus Christ

The only way to Jesus Christ is through the Cross, do you believe in the work of the Cross?

The only way to the Cross is denying our own strength as sufficient,

As our Faith is anchored in Jesus, a relationship we continue to have, God commits to us through the Covenant of the Cross.

If you have been walking in covenant relationship with Christ you can Believe that Faith in Christ will meet your need.

3. Faith comes by hearing the word of God.

a. Faith is born as we learn about Jesus,

b. we find out what He said,

c. what he did for us as it refers to the cross,

d. then we put our trust in Him.

We then go to a deeper Faith, a reliance on the power and Presence of God.

As we put our faith in Christ, What He did by the way of the Cross our life then opens up to all sorts of possibilities,

Miracles always follow Faith.

You and I were saved by faith, you and I were healed by faith, you and I are being kept by faith.

Through Believing we experience God at work in our lives.

John chapter 11 the raising of Lazarus

Mary and Martha believed in Jesus as the Source of Life and He would raise Lazarus at the last day.

Saving faith was present, Mary and Maratha did not understand life giving Power and that is were some of you are today. You believe in salvation but not understanding life giving Power.

Power that enabled Lazarus to hop out of the tomb and walk again, recalled to life.

A person such as Mary and Martha may have saving faith and yet limit God’s Power.

God’s Power to act in your life and mine as a believer without limitations. Too many limit God’s power after saving faith.

We must look beyond the impossibility that the natural person sees and consider God.

Do you have a situation that you need to consider God?

Believing we receive from God

The Object of Faith

(play softly)

Is there anything you need to look beyond the impossibility you see and consider God?

Impossible financial situation, impossible marriage situation?

A need of a physical healing? Consider God.

Lost in sin but today you have Saving Faith by hearing the Word of God.

The Object of Faith, is Jesus Christ.

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