Summary: little snapshot/ministry of Jesus/seen in all of His humanity

Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church

June 22, 2014

John 2:1-11


Sermon is condensed in form.

Intro: John's majestic Gospel serves/magnificent gallery

• Display/glory/Jesus/no other literature/earth can.

• Enter/chap 1, John gives convincing evidence/deity/Jesus

• proves him to be the God/man

• shown in all/majesty of His place/Godhead.

Chap/2 gives us 2 snapshots/life of Jesus

• v 1-11, He/wedding/v.12-25, Jesus/House of Worship

Latter scene:

• Jesus exerted His authority/Son of God to cleanse the filth from His Father's house!

• God has not changed His mind!

His House is still/House of prayer, praise/worship. Many in our day have tried to make God's House a place of merchandise, power and politics.

• Jesus still stands opposed to such practices.

This morning/not preach/scene/Temple/rather/scene/wedding.

• little snapshot/ministry of Jesus/seen in all of His humanity

• pictures/Jesus/concerned with/gets involved in

• problems and situations of ordinary, everyday life

• we encounter a Christ who cares

• who carry's through for His own!

• let's drop in on this little scene in Cana of Galilee and witness John's Portrait of Jesus: The Son Of Man.



The Circumstances /wedding/huge social event those days

• last as long as a week

• not told who is getting married/some close kinsman/Jesus

• brother, a sister, a cousin

• someone/close relation because Mary involved/festivities

Scene teaches us anything/tells us Jesus chose to participate in this common, routine, everyday event.

• Jesus isn't just for Sunday!

• He desires, and deserves to be included in all of life!

• He is either Lord of all, or He isn't Lord Acts 10:36


B. The Call - Jesus is here by invitation! Someone possessed the forethought and thoughtfulness to call Jesus to this event.

• Never be guilty/exclude Jesus/any areas of your life.

• If we are truly His, He has access rights to everything

Some, here today, need to open area of your life up to God

• Stop holding back and give God access to everything!

• In too many lives, Jesus is left standing outside looking in - Rev. 3:20

Times when Jesus stands ready/solution to your problem

• Instead of butting in, He waits patiently for your invitation!


Christ's Consideration - Notice that when He was called, Jesus came!

• All the events of life/child of God need never fear Jesus not coming to the aid!

• He cares and when we call, He will answer us and move in our need - Matt. 7:7-8; Jer. 33:3.

It may not be the Baptist way, but learn to run to Jesus before you climb on the rocking horse of worry

• Jesus will take you farther, faster!



A. V. 3 A Problem

• Sometime during these festivities, they ran out of wine

• To the Jews, it could be ruinous! matter of honor

• Bridegroom/responsible for providing adequate supplies.

• Better not run out!

• would cause public embarrassment/groom and his family.

• offending family could even be fined

• problem of considerable size to these people.


Life doesn't always go as we had planned it!

• Times when problems arise and troubles come our way.

• This is a common thing - Job 14:1; John 16:33; Eccl. 2:23,


Christ and His Disciples/storm tossed boat - Mark 4:36-41

• Disciples alone in the storm tossed ship - John 6:16-21

• Both instances, they felt Jesus/out of touch with their need.

• Both times they were wrong!

• Jesus knew their troubles and felt their need.

• He moved in on their problem/made a difference for them.

• He will do the same for you!


B. V. 3-5 A Procedure

Mary shows us/what we need to do/troubles arise in our lives.

• Gives us 2 steps we take/troublesome times of life.

Flee To Jesus - When the problem arose, Mary took it to the Lord. This is exactly what we need to do - Phil. 4:6-7.

Christ's response to Mary in v. 4 may seem cruel and cold

• "Woman" polite and common form of address

• simply reminding Mary He has a greater agenda to fulfil

Luke 2:51,Jesus was "subject unto them", referring to Mary and Joseph.

• Now, He is reminding His mother that it is time for Him to begin to fulfil His Father's will.


Mary ran to Jesus. What a good example for us to follow!

2. Follow His Commands

• Just do as Jesus says

• Lesson for us is clear! When problems arise

• troubles toss our lives

• best thing we can do is simply to do what Jesus says to do.

• Now, what does He say to do?

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