Summary: Being grafted together to the TRUE Vine

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Jesus the True Vine

John 15: 1-9


* Jesus Christ in his offices, for a relation to his people, most fitly resembles a vine.

As a vine is week, lean, and small, in outward appearance, not like a cedar for its great height, or a oak for its strength, so was Christ in his state of humility.

* As the vine is a fruitful plant, though it has little shine, yet it has plenty of fruit, and is only useful for fruit bearing, and brings forth plenty, and a verity of sweet fruit to make glad the heart of men.

* Which means the fruits of Christ’s death, resurrection, ascension, and intercession are many and great to the believer.

* The vine is the root from which all the branches get there nourishment.

In the same manner, Christ, the stock into which all his members are engrafted, the root in which they all exist, and the fountain from where spiritual life flows.

Vs. 1 I am the true vine, and my father is the husbandman.

The word true here is used to show he is the real vine, or genuine one.

A- Meaning this a vine yields proper juice & nourishment to all the branches, no matter there


B- All the nourishment for the branches passes through the main stalk.i.e.Jesus does the same

C- Jesus is the strength and source to all the saints, his is our leader and guide and imparts to

them as they need grace and strength to bear the fruits of true holiness.

D- The Father as the husbandman is the source, author, planner, planter, life, substance, soil,

water, air, sunshine, and everything to the vine.

E- The Son, as the vine is the center of Gods resource and the embodiment of all the riches of

The Father.

Vs. 2 Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it,

A- That it may bring forth more fruit.

B- There are 2 sorts of branches in this vine, some fruitful, some not.

C- Some have visibility that they are branches, but no reality that they are equals no fruit!

D- The fruitless vine, the vine dresser takes them away, and burns them.

E- There must be a vital connection between the branch and the stock to bear fruit

F- A process that is often painful but is so needful and beneficial to the vine, pruning is done

G- The true way to tell one branch from another is not by the fare leaves the show, but by the

substantial proofs of a holy and righteous conversion, some may confess to be branches, but

few show the conversion.

H- The most fruitful branches, in the best and holiest of Christians, there remains much

corruption to be purged out, in order for future growth of the branch.

I- Notice that the Father is dressing the vine ’he’ not man. So stop trying to be God!!

J- The phrase “taketh away”: means he cuts them off!

K- ’He purgeth it’ He does it by taking away what opposes growth, no matter how much they may

be attached to it.

L- However painful; as a vine dresser will often feel himself compelled to cut off a branch that is

large, apparently thrifty, and handsome, but bears no fruit. It is shading and injuring those

which are. (excommunicating them)

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