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Summary: This message examines the meeting between Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well.

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b. Women generally would go to the well to draw water in groups.

c. Noon was the hottest part of the day and women normally came to draw water later in the day to avoid the extreme heat.

3. This leaves us with the impression that the woman wanted to avoid running into any of the other women of the town.

4. Jesus definitely encounters a woman with two obvious strikes against her without considering her past.

a. Women were considered property and men would not normally strike up a conversation with them.

b. Samaritans were hated and avoided by the Jews.

5. This woman comes to this well at this time to avoid being reminded of the great shame she lives with, so this man at the well is more than just an inconvenience.

6. Jesus makes a surprising request of her because normally Jews would not share anything with Samaritans especially an eating or drinking utensil. This opens the door for her to be drawn into a conversation.

II. A conversation with an unexpected promise.

A. Jews and Samaritans both were eagerly awaiting the coming of the Messiah.

1. Jesus directs the conversation in a way that the woman would learn about two important things.

a. The gift of God which is life.

b. Who it was that was speaking to her.

2. Many Samaritans were just as zealous for the things of God as were the Jews, the fundamental disagreement was over where one should worship.

3. The Jews of course believed worship must happen in Jerusalem while the Samaritans believed that worship could happen on Mount Gerizim.

4. They both awaited the arrival of the Messiah that God had promised.

B. Jesus’ words to the Samaritan woman are filled with hope, love and grace.

1. Jesus speaks to her of living water but she does not fully understand the concept because much like Nicodemus the woman is thinking in physical terms while Jesus is speaking in spiritual terms.

2. During the conversation the woman’s worst fears are realized as the issue of her past mistakes begins to surface as Jesus turns the conversation so the woman will see her sin and her need for forgiveness.

3. Although Jesus confronts the woman’s sinful life He does not dwell on it, in fact He affirms her truthfulness about her situation.

4. Jesus’ intention was not to condemn the woman but to help her see the mess that she was living in and that there was hope for her to change her life.

C. Through Jesus Christ grace is made available to everyone including those who are viewed as unworthy by the rest of the world.

1. Jesus’ knowledge of her past and His ability to address her difficult question about worship leaves her thinking that He might be the Messiah.

2. As Jesus confirms that He is indeed the Messiah, He shows that worship is not dependent upon a place but upon a continual relationship with God.

3. Jesus in His conversation with the woman avoided two common mistakes we make by making rush judgments without all the facts.

a. We often accuse causing the individual to raise their defenses.

b. We excuse the sin and enable the person to continue to live in denial.

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