Summary: The best way to reach people with the Gospel is to do it the way Jesus did.

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Jesus Way Of Reaching People

John 4:3-30, 39-42

Intro: Have You Ever Had A Chance Encounter? Ill. I Met Reggie White In Mcdonalds. This Passage Has Been Described By Some As A A Chance Encounter. Hardly, Every Step Jesus Took On This Earth Was Planned From Before The Beginning Of Time. For Gods Son There Was No Opportunity That Came Along By Coincidence Or Chance. For Us To Walk With Jesus Christ Means That Every Encounter We Have With People Is To Be Looked At As A Step Along Gods Path And Plan For Us. Let Us Not Walk Past These Opportunities Without Trying To Touch Those People We Pass. Well Known Passage,

Read Pray

Jesus Shows Us How To Reach People In These Few Verses. Three Things We Can Learn....

I. Jesus Positioned Himself For A Witness

This Encounter Should Never Have Happened. Why? They Were So


1. Culturally - Pagan Not Religious

2. Racially - Half-Breed Jews (Assyrians, Black?)

3. Religiously - Not Welcome To Worship

But Notice...

A. V4A He Had To Go Through Samaria

He Made An Effort - Proactive

Not The Normal Route, Jesus Had A Need To In His Journey!

B. V6A He Sat Down By The Well. Only Place He Could Go To Reach

This Woman. He Waited

Jesus Positioned Himself Where The Lost World Was.

He Went Where The Religious (Jews) Would Not Go. - We

Work, Play, Eat In Places Where We Can Reach People

Outside Of This Building.

Truth - What Happens When We Position Ourselves To Witness?

It Puts Us Into The Center Of Gods Work!

II. Jesus Accepted This Woman Where She Was,

But Loved Her Enough To Offer Her More.

Lets Look At Where This Woman Was....

A. V7A A Samaritan Woman. Different

B. V9A How Can You Ask Me For A Drink?. Prejudice

C. V12A Are You Greater Than Our Father Jacob…


D. V15A Give Me This Water…

Self Serving False Spirituality

E. V17A I Have No Husband. Misleading/Liar

F. V18A You Have Had 5... Uncommitted/Immoral

As The World Saw Her She Had A Bad Reputation, A Bad

Attitude, And A Bad Lifestyle. Yet Jesus Accepted Her Right

Where She Was!

Truth - This Doesn’t Mean That Jesus Condoned Her Behavior. It Does Mean That Jesus Is Willing To Dwell Near Sin, In Order To Reach People Who Are In Sin.

Lets Look At What Jesus Offered Her...

A. V10A Living Water... Cleansing Forgiving Water

B. V14A Eternal Life... Heaven Not Hell

C. V20&23A Chance To Be A True Worshiper...

D. V25-26 Himself

V26AI Who Speak To You Am He.

His Presence In Her Life

Why? Because Jesus Saw Her Need Not Her Sin.

We Often Judge Peoples By What We See. People Reject Our Judgment Instead Of Accepting Gods Forgiveness. Jesus Saw The Hurt, Loneliness, Guilt, The Real Her. He Knew What She Needed, Forgiveness, Love And Hope.

III. Jesus Knew He Could Reach The Many Through The Changed Life

Of One.

A. V28-29 “Leaving Her Water Jar, The Woman ... Come, See A

Man Who Told Me Everything I Ever Did. Could This Be The


What An Awesome Scene...A Life Changed By Jesus!

1. The Local Prostitute Becomes Sychars First Gospel

Witness! Changed

2. The Woman Of Shame Confesses There Is One Who Knows

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