Summary: Jesus Wept

I. Today we will discuss John 11:35

a. This verse in the bible is one of the most famous verses of the bible.

b. This is a verse that many people learn right along the time that they learn John 3:16.

c. This is probably the first or second verse that you learned as a child, and probably will be one of the first verses you teach your children.

II. How does it feel to make someone cry?

a. Have you ever made one of your friends cry?

b. Have you ever made one of your parents cry?

c. Has someone ever made you cry?

III. Why did Jesus weep?

a. Jesus did not weep just because Jesus had a reason to weep.

b. Jesus shows how much he loved the people he was around in this very verse.

c. Jesus was weeping because the people around him were weeping. Also, he was weeping because of the people' faith that the man Lazurazus could be raised from the dead.

IV. Jesus shows you and I that it is okay to weep at times, that it is okay to show emotion. And finally, that it is okay to cry at times, it does not mean that you are weak. It means and shows that you care! AMEN

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