Summary: This beautiful prayer, shows us exactly how Christ feels about you and me. It shows not only His devotion to God, but to ensure we continue the mission of making disciples because because of what He has already done.

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Jesus’s Garden Prayer, Part 2

John 17:13-26

Background: Arriving at the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus prays

These prayers are probably one of the most important for us to learn from

It shows His heart, what is on His mind just prior to His arrest (read all of 17)


Jesus describes believers as those who have:

• Faith (believes what Jesus said)

• Obedience (follows what Jesus said)

• Knowledge (know what they’ve been taught)

Jesus prays for two additional things for us to have:

• Protection in the world

• Unity among ourselves

Re: The greatest destructor of the church is always disunity

Let’s examine the rest of this prayer …

∆ Father, sanctify these …

Jesus prays that the disciples would have a full measure of joy

Referencing what has been said to them previously - John 15:11, “I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.”

Has already discussed that the world will hate them (v14)

APP: These men do not belong to world; they stand against its ways

And now He speaks about the resentment they will surely face

They will be strangers in a strange land; dealing with uncertainty

Doesn’t pray for God not to remove them from the world

It is a prayer of protection; avoid the evil one

Consider: What does this look like if it said in 2016?

(Here is our challenge)

The evils in this world are not dressed up in a red suit carrying a pitch fork

It is not just as obvious as the drug needle laying on a table waiting for use

Nor is it as subtle as the secret sin that we hope no one knows about

The evils of this world = anything that removes our focus from God

Anything that places our wants and needs over living rightly

Consider: When you sin, don’t you feel farther from God’s love?

Jesus prays that the disciples be sanctified by the truth; protected by it (v17)

That the truth of God’s word would live in them so they can be safe

Jesus says that for these men, He sanctifies Himself to send them out (v18)

Now He asks God to sanctify them for the work of sharing the truth of God

Their order is simple: Go and make disciples

Jesus asks, “Father, keep them safe by your truth”

APP: It is curious, that Christ prays they would be sanctified

He does not ask to make everything a bed of roses; but protect them

Observation: I believe this is why Steven rcv’d a standing ovation in Acts 7

∆ The unity of His Prayer

We touched on unity on Wednesday night, and now Jesus drives this home

Unity in the church should look like the same unity that God/Jesus/Spirit have

The heart of this prayer focuses on unity (v20), prays for those who believe

Prays we would be one (v21), focused on the same mission: devoted to God

Greatest separation in the church is our own personal preferences

Consider: We all like different styles of Christian music

But the reason we come is to worship and celebrate God; not fulfill our wants

Jesus’s prayer is for this very thing: unity among those who would believe in Him

IMP: We are joined together in the Spirit through the blood of Jesus Christ

We are not bound together in a joining of our favorite preacher/church/etc.

Christian unity comes from the glory that is given to Christ (v22) then to us

Christ is in us (v23); we are to be a mirror to the world of who resides in us

IMP: His presence brings us unity; it overrules our personal preferences

Jesus’s words in v23 reflect back on His command that He has given us

John 13:35, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

Desire is that those who are His, would be with Him one day (v24)

RE: Don’t focus on Jesus building you a house in eternity for you to obtain

Ref John 14:2: In my Father’s house are many mansions …

Rather, focus on being with Him in eternity, where your joy will be complete!

Heaven is not where we have lots of stuff; it is where our joy is fulfilled with Him!

He has given us a reminder of what the ultimate goal is

He wants us to be where He is, to see and share in His glory, b/c God loved HIM!

And not only did God love Him, but He was loved before creation of the world!

Before the world was even created, God loved Jesus b/c He has always been

I’m only 44 now … and in God’s timetable … that is barely a blink

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