Summary: Introduction to 2 John

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2nd John - Truth

INTRODUCTION: 2nd John is more of a “postcard” than a Letter. Although it is among the smallest Books in the Bible, it has an important message for us to heed.

I. The Author of the Book -

A. Anonymous:

B. Reasons for believing the Elder to be John:

1. Vocabulary and subject matter close to 1st John;

2. Attributed to John by the early Church;

C. For biographical information see notes on 1st John.

II. The Recipient of the Book

A. The elect lady and her children;

B. The elect lady

1. … was loved by all (vv. 1-2);

2. … hosted the Church in her home (v. 10);

3. … was known for her hospitality (v. 10).

C. Her children:

1. … were loved by all (vv. 1-2);

2. … were walking in truth (v. 4);

III. The Date & Place of Writing

A. Date: Probably in the year 90 AD.

B. Place: The place of the writing was probably Ephesus.

IV. The Purpose of the Book

A. It was probably written as a cover letter for 1st John.

B. To encourage her with good news about her children (v. 4);

C. To instruct her concerning how to deal with false teachers (vv. 9-10);

V. The Keys to the Book

A. The key thought = Exercise discerning love!

B. The key phrase = “the truth”

C. The key verse = v. 4

D. Key Words =

1. Truth - 4 times

2. Love - 4 times

VI. The Outline to the Book

A. Oneness in Truth - vv. 1-3

1. It is expressed in affection (v. 1)

2. It is accepted as a possession (v. 2)

3. It expresses God’s blessings (v. 3)

B. Obedience to the Truth - vv. 4-6

1. Practiced (v. 4)

2. Commanded (v. 4)

3. Enjoyed (vv. 5-6)

C. Opponents of the Truth - vv. 7-13

1. Their number (v. 7)

2. Their doctrine (vv. 7, 9)

3. Their character (v. 7)

4. A warning (vv. 8, 1-11)

CONCLUSION: (vv. 12-13)

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