Summary: What is the Christian supposed to be doing with his life in order to please God? This sermon looks at the Great Commission that too often the "Great Ommission."

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I thought this week, what if preaching doesn’t work out and I need a second career. So I got on the internet and researched some careers and their job descriptions.

Actor: Portrays role in dramatic production to interpret character or present characterization to audience: Rehearses part to learn lines and cues as directed. Interprets serious or comic role by speech, gesture, and body movement to entertain or inform audience for stage, motion picture, television, radio, or other media production. May also write or adapt own material. May also dance and sing. May also direct self and others in production

Industrial Arts Teacher: Shop teacher Teaches students basic techniques and assists in development of manipulative skills in industrial arts courses in secondary schools: Prepares lesson plans for courses and establishes goals. Lectures, illustrates, and demonstrates when teaching use of handtools, machines, for example lathe, planer, power saws, and drill press, safety practices, precision measuring instruments, for example micrometer, and industrial arts techniques. Evaluates student progress. Talks with parents and counselor to resolve behavioral and academic problems. May also teach shop math. May also specialize in one or more areas, for example woodworking, metalworking, electricity, graphic arts, automobile repair, or drafting. May also teach students with disabilities. May also be required to have certification from state.

Fun House Operator: Walk-through operator Tends one or several pieces of automatic equipment designed to amuse, excite, or mystify patrons of fun house in amusement park: Starts revolving turntables, conveyor belt, drum or similar device. Ejects rowdy persons from establishment. Observes equipment for efficient operation and repairs minor breakdowns in equipment.

Of course I was just having fun. I pray that the Lord allows me to preach as long as I am alive. But it did make me think- If the Christian had a job description what would it be?

Christian job description: One under the authority of Christ, goes and makes disciples, baptizing them and teaching them to obey all that Christ commanded.

Jesus makes this clear in Matthew 28:18-20

We can see several things about our "jobs" or our Christian lives from this scripture-

A. Jesus has the Authority

We all recognize authority




If we are going to be disciples of Jesus- He

must have supreme authority.

B. We are to GO

Jesus tells us to GO.

We cannot afford to sit by and do nothing.

We cannot let others

What excuse will Christians give for not going?

When we go-

We need to start close to home.

We need to go with good news.

We need to go in love.

We need to go with the truth.

The vast majority of Christians go their whole

lives and never lead another person to Christ.

People give all kinds of excuses for not going.

I don’t speak well. I’m not a talker.

I don’t know enough. Do you know what God

has done in your life?

I don’t have time.

I had a bad experience. Did they stone you?

Get back out there.

C. We are to make disciples

The way that the church grows is for it’s

members to reproduce themselves. Winning new

souls to Christ.

Jesus gave this command, and we are to make


A disciple is one who accepts and assists in

spreading the doctrines of another

(Miriam Webster)

That doesn’t go far enough. They also live out

the doctrine or teaching of another. That of

Jesus Christ.

--baptizing them

4 things need to happen for you to become

a Christian.

Believe- (Mark 16:16) Even the demons


Confess- (Matthew 10:32) Acknowledge

Repent- (Acts 2:38)

***these three things are active.

Things you must DO. In the Greek, they

are in the active tense, indicating action.

Be baptized- you cannot do this one. It

must be done to you. You are powerless in

it. In the Greek, the word baptizo is


I once visited the practice of a College

basketball coach who coached for Bobby

Knight, Coach K from Duke. At the end of

his practice he “shared” Christ. He led

them in the Sinners prayer.

The problem that I have with the Sinner’s

Prayer is that it is not found anywhere in

the New Testament. Nor does anyone in the

New Testament or in the church of the

Bible ever come to Christ by repeating

some prayer. So since it is not in the

Bible, I cannot preach it or practice it.

I’ve been asked: I believe in God, live for

Jesus, why be baptized?

A. Peter inspired by the Holy Spirit said


B. For the forgiveness of sins and the gift

of the Holy Spirit.

C. Every time we see someone come to Christ

after Jesus rose and ascended they were

promptly baptized.

Let me also tell you why you shouldn’t be


A. If you think that it will be a quick

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