Summary: This outline goes far beyond just a normal sermon outline, below is a complete assembly focused on the Greatness of our God. Instead of a time for a sermon, and time for scripture. Instead small chunks are woven throughout the service. Scripture read, a brief thought given, then continues in Song.

Announcements & Opening Prayer


Thank you for joining us this morning, we want to take a pause this morning from our normal assemblies and do something really special. today I want us all to take a look at the greatness of our God. To do that we are going to look at a captivating story from the Old Testament, the story of Job. Through the Book of Job this morning our service will reveal that our God is greater, greater than anything in this life in many ways.

So today's assembly is not going to follow our traditional format, we will still have singing, scripture, prayer, the Lord's Supper, and teaching from God's word, but it will not be in our normal order in presentation. I hope you enjoy this opportunity to look at the greatness of our God. sing with me:

Song: Our God is Greater

Talk: Our God is greater than all the earth

Job 9:2-14 - He is sovereign over all creation

Job 12:12-25 - He accomplishes His will on earth

Song: God of Wonders

Talk: Our God is greater than all mankind

Job 37:1-24 - All of life is at His command

Job 22:2-4 -No one can give Him anything

Song: Great is the Lord Almighty

Talk: Our God is greater than our sin

Job 25:1-6 - Only He is not ruined by sin

Job 26:6-14 - He sees and knows everything

Song: Because He lives


Song: The greatness of our God

Talk: Our God is greater than our suffering

Give a summary of Chapter 1 and 2 sufferings for Job

Job 1:20-22 - Job still praises the Lord through his suffering

Song: I will praise you in this storm

Our God is greater than we can imagine:

Job 11:7-11 - He is beyond comprehension

Song: How Great is Our God


Many of us are familiar with the story of Job, and At least some parts of the book of Job. but I think a lot of times we just dismiss this as a little story And miss some of the great points within this great book. I hope today that through our scriptures in our teaching you saw that our God is greater. greater than all the Earth, greater than our sin, greater than our suffering, and God is far greater than anything we can ever imagine.

Thank you for being with us this morning, and if there is any way the church can help you in any way please let us know. let's close in prayer.

Closing Prayer

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