Summary: Well, most of us have heard about the evangelism tract, The 4 Spiritual Laws. In this message today, Pastor Dunn talks about the 4 Spiritual Flaws that Job temporarily buys into. Let’s listen in...

The 4 Spiritual Flaws

Job 9-10


Many have heard of the 4 Spiritual Laws… here they are:

4 Spiritual Laws:

1. God Loves You And Has A Wonderful Plan For Your Life! John 3:16

2. Man Is Sinful and Separated From God, Therefore he cannot know and experience God’s love and plan for his life…Rom. 6:23..Wages of sin is death.

3. Jesus Christ is God’s ONLY provision for man’s sin. Through Him you can know and experience God’s love and plan for your life…John 14:6… I am the way, truth life….

4. We must individually receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord: then we can know and experience God’s love and plan for our lives… John 1:12 “As many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name.”


Just as there are the 4 Spiritual Laws, I want to give you the 4 Spiritual Flaws that so many people like Job buy into today.

Spiritual Flaw #1

God Will Not Listen To Me! Job 9:1-3

A. Job has no immediate answer for his suffering.

B. Job listens to Bildad who has just spoken discouraging words.

C. Job begins to believe Bildad’s half-truths.

D. Job begins to feel that God is too big… too powerful…too sovereign to listen to him.

E. Job sees God as a severe Judge… Unapproachable… Unmerciful.

F. Job is intimidated by God and feels worthless and insignificant.

G. Listen to Job as he describes how he sees God at this point… Job 9:4-9

H. Job sees God as incomprehensible, but wrongly sees God as unapproachable.

I. Job sees God as “way out there” and “too busy” to listen to Job.

J. Job sees God as a monster… Job 9:13-16

a. Rahab was a mythological sea monster ready to devour its helpless victims.

b. Job sees God as Rahab. A monster ready to pounce on innocent victims like Job.

Spiritual Flaw #2

God Isn’t Fair! Job 9:17-20

A. Job is at the point of reasoning… God, this isn’t fair.” Or, God, I don’t deserve this.

B. Job feels the punishment ought to fit the crime.

C. Job wants to appear before God in court and present his case, yet he is confused. He feels his own mouth will condemn him.

D. Job says he is guiltless, not sinless.

E. Job feels that even if he has confessed all of his sins, God will find him guilty.

F. Job turns this fear inward and now feels hopeless.

G. Job’s faith begins to waiver.

H. Job feels God has already condemned him, even if he is innocent. Job 9:21-24

I. Job questions God’s justice: If both the guilty and the guiltless suffer in life, what justice is in that?

J. Job reasons: If one man keeps God’s Word and another doesn’t and yet, both suffer, what justice is that?

K. Job takes another dangerous step further: He is saying that God punishes the good and rewards the evil.

Spiritual Flaw #3

God Will Not Forgive Me! Job 9:25-26

A. Job feels that his days are passing by quickly without any relief in sight.

B. Job believes that God is just watching him thrash around in his suffering… Job 9:27-31

C. Job feels that God will not forgive him of his past sins.

D. Job is looking for a Mediator… Job 9:32-33

E. Job pleads with God to remove the rod of discipline from him.

Spiritual Flaw #4

God Doesn’t Love Me! Job 10:1-7

A. Job is saying, “God, I’m not guilty! I know it and You know it, yet you won’t stop. What’s worse is that you won’t tell me what I’ve done wrong to deserve this. You won’t even tell me my sin so I can confess it.”

B. Job has no sin to confess!!!

C. Job feels that God is just looking and looking for some dirt to hold against Job… Job 10:13

D. Job sees it this way: God has made him just to destroy him. God had set him up just to knock him down.

E. Job is confused: He knows that God has known this all along and didn’t even tell him about it. Job 10:14-17

F. Job feels that God has made him in order to shoot him down.

G. Job says, “whether I’m innocent or guilty, my life is destroyed all the same.”..Job 10:18-22

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