Summary: How God will allow us to be put through trials and tribulations!

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Job 1: 1-22

Job was In fact a real person, Just like

Ezekiel and Joshua was back in the old


Job was a native of the land of UZ.

This was probably between Damascus and

The Euphrates River.

Job lived around the time of Abraham

Which was about 2000 BC.

Job was quite wealthy and Him and his sons

Were homeowners in a large city of the

Region. Job was very well respected and a

Benefactor of his fellow citizens.

He was also righteous in God’s Eyes

These events in this book of the bible were

Initiated by God and not by Satan like you would think.

God didn’t allow these trials because of Sin!

This was just God testing Job’s faith and


But Job emerged from his testing with a New

Fresh Appreciation of God’s Sovereignty

and Sufficiency For this Believers Life!!!

The first two Chapters of Job are written as

A prologue to the poetic saga that follows here

In verse one of our reading today

To start with there are 4 main things that Jump right

Out at us!!

How Job is a man that was trying to live PERFECT

And also how he was a man that was UPRIGHT

And He was a man that feared GOD

And He Eschewed or (Shunned) EVIL

Not only was Job’s life upright but

Her was very prosperous

He had an abundance of livestock

Which in this time was a symbol of wealth


Job was a very spiritual man and clearly

Revealed his sensitivity to sin

And its continuos need for sacrifice.

In VS. 6 Sons of God is referring to angelic beings

And Satan is also considered one of them

This passage shows that Satan has access to God’s presence but it is quite clear he only has the access that God will let him have!!

And further Satan only has the power that we

Allow him to have!!

Satan is actually powerless but he uses us to

Allow him to gain power!!

We can plainly see here that Satan was just about his business with Job.

And you better know that He’s about his business

With us also!!

Satan tries and tries to find our weaknesses

And he uses them against us

But we as children of God need to see that

We do receive good and bad at the hand of God

However the bad comes so we will become stronger in the Lord!!!

Going to and fro in our reading refers to the

Devils activity though he doesn’t admit it here

This activity of the devil indicates to us

That he only has limited access to God

And Praise God this particular passage in Job indicates that God is sovereign over Satan

And further teaches us that Satan is not

omnipresent like God is!!

And he can’t touch God’s servants without

God’s permission

Verses 13-19 tells us that these disasters that

fell upon Job were human in nature.

Sabeans, Chaldeans and the naturals were

Fire and Wind!!

But God knew Job’s frame of mind

And God also knew that it would be Job’s toughest trial, but he allowed evil to befall him, simply because God had faith in his servant Job!!!

It was almost like God was saying

Come-on Buddy I believe in ya, You can

Handle this!!!

In our own lives we have to go through many trials and trib’s but

The bible tells us we are heirs with God

And Joint heirs with Jesus Christ

And if we are to share in the reward at the end

Of this life then we will probably have to

Share in the suffering as well

But I guarantee that the pain and suffering

We will have to endure here in this life

Wont be anything to compare to the glory

We will receive when we make it to heaven

With streets of Gold Walls of Jaspers pearly gates

When trials and trib’s come we need to be

Encouraged that its like this situation with Job

God is just letting us know that he believes in us

And we will make it through the tests

And trials of life on this side!!!

What we need to do is turn it around on the devil

The devil don’t know how to tell the truth

And it tells us in the bible

1 Peter

be sober be vigilant, because your adversary

the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about

seeding whom he may devour.

We don’t need to forget that over 2000 years ago

That old lion was defanged and declawed when

Jesus Christ marched through hell and picked

Up the keys to death, hell, and the grave!!!

We don’t need to let Satan intimidate us

We need to intimidate him!!! Hahahahaha

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