Summary: The Gospel in a nut shell

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John 3:16 I think most if not all of us have heard this verse before in one way or another

Maybe it was at VBS, Our parents or Grandparents taught it to us

Maybe it was in Sunday school or junior church

Either way John 3:16 is the most famous verse in all the world.

And the reason is because it’s the Gospel in a nutshell

Read 16-17

So Let’s dissect these verses and see just what Jesus is telling us

Verse 16

God –

The Bible does not contain a formal definition of the word “God,”

But God’s being and attributes are displayed on every page.

God Is a Spirit. God is a nonmaterial personal being, self-conscious and self-determining.

• Humans beings do things in order to determine themselves

• To determine who will pick up this Bible I first have to pick up this Bible

• God does not do anything as a condition of self-determination

• What he does is determine himself.

• Or to put it another way He is what He is

• In other words, God does not create the world in order for Him to be defined as creator. God determines himself as the creator of the world; therefore he is the creator of the world."

God Is Infinite. Kinda useless without definition it’s like saying God is Everything

1. Infinite in his being. This means that God is everywhere

2. Infinite in his holiness, justice, and goodness. These words signify God’s moral attributes. His Qualities,

3. Infinite in his truth. This is the attribute that designates the basis of all logic and rationality.

4. God is Unchangeable – Same today as He is every day and will be

5. God Is Known by His Acts. Supremely, “God...has spoken to us by his Son”

6. OT - I AM Ex 3:14 God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I AM has sent me to you.’ ”

Loved -

1. Love is the very nature of God

2. And at the same time God not only loves, he is love

He loves us in spite of our sinfulness and corruption of the human race

• God’s love for his creatures shows itself not only by the way that He supplies for all their needs

• but ultimately in the redemption for sinners

• As Believers in Christ we assured that nothing can separate us from his unfathomable love in Christ

• And God’s love extends beyond the limits of race, and nation, even to those who oppose Him.

• Love is not merely a continuous attitude of God. He has acted.

The World --God loves the world as a whole, as well as individuals in it

His only Son- suggesting a particular intimacy between Father and Son

Whoever – Not conditioned

Believes in Him- Something we can’t do on our own

Will not perish – To Perish is the opposite of salvation,

• It means to fail completely in fulfilling God's purpose, (For everyone to be saved)

• And to be hopelessly confused in their own purpose

• And the result is to be separated from God forever. (Definition of Hell)

• They are alienated from him in their affections, and in their efforts.

• But we need to understand that To perish does not mean to cease to exist;

• It means to experience complete failure, futility, and loss of everything that makes existence (Living) worthwhile.

But will have eternal life

• "Eternal" doesn’t just refers not only to the duration of existence (TIME)

• But also to the quality of life.

• Eternal life is a deepening and growing experience.

• It will never end (FOREVER)

• And it introduces a totally new quality of life.

• Eternal life, which is accepted by believing, is a gift from God

• And comes with the fullest blessings God can bestow.

The presentation of the good news of God's love offers only two options:

• To believe or to perish.

• It’s our choice

Now while we as Christians understand this message,

• The gift of salvation to a group of unworthy recipients,

• How well do we understand the vs that follow it

Vs 17 Tells us God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world

• Condemn : To express complete disapproval of, typically in public.

• To sentence (someone) to a particular punishment, especially death.

• to say in a strong and definite way that someone or something is bad or wrong

• : to give (someone) a usually severe punishment

• : to cause (someone) to suffer or live in difficult or unpleasant conditions

This really sounds like what we deserve doesn’t it?

1. But God’s plan was to save the world through him.

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