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Mark 1:14-15 "Now after that John was put in prison, Jesus came into

Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God, And saying, The time

is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe

the gospel." (KJV)

I have come this morning to bring you news that has eternal implications.

A news that should have been expected and has long been looming on the

spiritual horizon of this nation and beyond.




You may be wondering this morning what I mean by the statement "John is in


The same spirit that sought to silence John the Baptist as he went about

preaching in Jerusalem, Judea and all about the region of Jordan- has too

been loosed on this nation.

And just like in the days of John the Baptist- this spirit has been loosed

everywhere from the church house to the white house- it is a spirit that

seeks to:

1. Silence the truth

2. Impede the Power

3. Harden the heart

4. Blind the Eyes

5. Satisfy the Flesh

>>Silence the truth by offering a pastel pink substitute for a blood-red

gospel- we have so sought to reach the masses and fill the seats of

man-made ministries, that we have diluted the life changing truth into a

heart hardening, seeker-friendly, mealy mouthed rhetoric- void of any

conviction, commitment or compassion

>>Impede the power by creating a prayerless church- the Body of Christ had

substituted the intimacy of the prayer closet for the pageantry of the

prayer service.

We have rented airplanes to fly over cities with anointing oil and left

the tear soaked fox holes of the quiet place. We have look at prayer as a

"means to an end" rather than the end! We have claimed to pull down

strongholds, while all the while we have fortified the enemies encampment

with our faithless prayers and lack of brokeness before God. What was once

THE source of revelation- has merely become a token, obligatory censor of

man-made cliches and self indulgent petitioning.

>>Harden the heart by preaching a self-centered, self-gratifying gospel-

the church has inoculated themselves against the word that changes lives,

by changing the word to fit their own lives. We preach financial

prosperity to the spiritual destitute. We preach authority to the

spiritually rebellious and we preach victory to the spiritually dead.

>>Blind the eyes by disguising the stench of death with an aerosol of

"all is well, all is good and all is of God"- the church has filled the

air with a wanna-be aroma and have said to themselves "We are doing the

work of God" all the while thousands upon thousands are plunging headlong

into hell- The church has ceased to invest in souls and has instead

invested in flashy campaigning and slick salesmanship. The rotting

fragrance of what was once a vibrant, violent, victorious church has been

buried under the gravestone of church programs and scheduled revivals-

When Revival truly comesĖ† it won't be because the church has penciled in

three days in early June!

>>Satisfy the flesh by preaching grace without growth, manifestations

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