Summary: Series on Mark 1 - about the Master & the Messenger

1.1 The Master (Jesus)

beginning: Mark starts with Christ’s adult life & ministry (no birth, genealogies, etc.)

gospel: the good news that a new king was ascending the throne [evangelion]

Jesus: from Joshua, meaning salvation (they had waited 400 yrs since the last prophet)

Christ: from Messiah, meaning anointed (expecting Him for 2,000 yrs, since Eve -Gen3.15; 4.1)

Son of God: ref. to the Divine Nature (Jn5.18; Col2.9) - “God had invaded our planet.” -JPhillips

1.2-6 The Messenger (John)

the prophets: ref. to Isa40.3; Mal3.1 specifically & to another 330 prophecies in general (Jn5.39)

..the arrival of Messiah was not sudden or unforeseen (see v3)

messenger before: John is called the forerunner (an announcer of royalty / importance)

the way of the Lord: an introduction to the sovereignty of God in the life of Jesus

paths straight: the Romans had converted many winding paths into 50,000 mi. of paved roads facilitate governmental Control, Culture, Communication (and unintentionally, Christ)

John:was the ‘greatest man’ (Mt11.11) and was a ‘lamp’ to give light to men (Jn5.35, Lk1.77)

..he should have been a priest, by birth (Lk1.5), but God had different plans (Lk1.63, 76)

wilderness: the desert / deserted places

preach: John did not teach Bible studies or counsel couples, He was not called to pastor

..this preaching was often harsh and made many enemies (Herod included)

baptism of repentance: to be immersed in conviction, repentance, and forgiveness

remission: to send back, to pardon, to release from bondage

went out: they were drawn out of the city (by the Holy Spirit)

all the land: he was very popular for such a short time (crowds, by nature, are very fickle)

baptized: John the Baptizer - named for his practice of immersion (like the Ana-baptists)

confessing: they agreed with John (and with God) about their sins

was clothed: John was not soft / effeminate in any way whatsoever (Mt11.7-8)

..reminiscent of Elijah; with clothes/diet of necessity, instead of luxury

..but what made him unique was not his get-up, it was his message (backed by his life)

1.7-8 The Message

preached: his message was one of lifting up Jesus and exposing the sin of self-righteousness

mightier: as the Mighty One, Jesus is Solver, Surety, Sustainer, Strength, Stability, Salvation

not worthy: John sets forth Jesus with ultimate humility, yet awareness of his calling (Jn3.28, 30)

..even though they were cousins, boyhood playmates, and probably teenage coworkers

but: he made them aware of their need for more (conversion thru’ Christ); repentance is incomplete

Holy Ghost: at salvation, believers are immersed in (sealed by) & indwelt by the Spirit (Rom8.9)

..note John’s Trinitarian teaching that God is Father, Son, and Holy Ghost (Jn3.34-35)

..note the symbolism btwn water & Spirit throughout the Scriptures (Isa44.3)

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