Summary: Story of Joseph continues

Jacob leaves (witness protection program) stays with Uncle Laban

Laban a match for sneakiness

Jacob spies Rachel - they become kissing cousins

I’ll work for 7 years as a dowry - after 7 years wedding feast and surprise - Leah

Rachel given a week later but now he owes 7 more years labor

Rachel loved but Leah a baby machine - 6 boys and 1 girl - Dinah

Rachel’s servant Bilhah - 2 boys - Leah’s servant Zilpha - 2 boys

Finally Rachel conceives - "God has removed my shame"

Names boy Joseph means ADD - later dies in childbirth to Benjamin

Jacob & 2 wives - 2 maidservants - 12 sons and numerous flocks leaves Laban after more than 14 years labor.

Jacob wrestles with the Lord - who wounds his hip (walks with a limp and Jews never eat that socket part of the animal) "I won’t let go ’til you bless me!"

Jacob renamed Israel -

Uneasy truce with Essau - returns to land of Shechem,

Dinah raped by Shechem - who later asks for her in marriage

What! To uncircumcised pagans! OK we’ll get circumcised, what is that

Father Hamor, son Shechem and all town leaders and men go under the knife

After 3 days - very sore - Simeon and Levi slaughter every man and plunder

Now we have a bad reputation - Jacob

Now lets go to Chapter 37

1. Joseph is a good boy but favored - tattle tale, not too wise either

2. Special Robe - signified inheritance and favorite status - unleashed Sibling Rivalry

3. Joseph has some dreams - not well received - bundles of grain/ sun, moon and stars bow down

4. Go check up on your brothers (Shecham trouble) They moved to Dotham trade route

5. Brothers see him a long way off - plan to kill him - all except Reuben - 1st born who is responsible for the younger boys (got in trouble for sleeping with Rachel’s servant/Jacobs wife Bilhah)

6. Sold to Ishmaelite traders (Abe’s 1st son) Reuban ruined! - idea - kill the goat

End with vs. 36 - Meanwhile - we will pick up the story later.

If God can make a nation out of this messed up people - what can He do for you?

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